Triund trek: A perfect weekend outing.

2nd Sep 2017
Day 1

As for the time we all 5 college friends planned to go to triund for the weekend. The weather was amazing these days as in Dharamshala the rain happens quite often and sometimes it's very heavy rain for long durations but on that day the weather was amazing and summers have just begun. We did not have any vechiles so we planned to go to triund by local transport. We started our day off and we all met at Gandhi Chowk at Dharamshala which is quite near to the bus stand of Dharamshala. We all planned to take a bus to Meclodganj. As near about 8:15 am the first bus goes to Meclodganj and Bhagsunaag route. We took that bus from Dharamshala bus stand and reached Meclodganj by 9am. As it was quite early in the morning so there was no local transport of rickshaws and local taxis which could take us to Galu temple from where the trek to Triund is starts. There were some local taxis but they were asking very much fair for Galu temple so we all refused to go with them. So at Meclodganj we all buyed some utilities and some stuff for drinking and eating including some biscuits, juices, water bottles and Maggi and some chips and namkeen. Then one of our crazy friend advised us to buy some alcohol so we can enjoy at night up there. We all had good breakfast and carrying some made food in our bags with will help us during the afternoon. So we buyed 2 bottles of whiskey and then we thought that we should go by walking from here till Triund which may be a new experience for us. One of my friend know some shortcuts which may help us reach the Galu temple early so we can start our trek as soon as possible. So we went from Meclodganj near about 9:30am towards the Galu temple via the peaceful areas lying in between of Dharamkot. Dharamkot is one the place which is 2-4 kms away from Meclodganj which is very silent you can hear the chirping of the birds and even you can hear the sound of your own footsteps. It's a much peaceful place. So after one hour of walking we reached the Galu temple by the shortcut we took rest in between smoked up some hash in Chillums which may give us some boost for the rest of the day. After that near about 11:00am we have done the registration near Galu temple for Triund we sat there and enjoyed the beauty of nature for sometime then after gaining some energy we started to trek towards Triund. As Triund is an average trek of 13kms from Galu temple. We started the trek from there and enjoying the beauty of the nature and crossing some narrow paths and taking selfies there at some dangerous points we were doing our trek quite enjoyable. One of our friend said that we should take some rest and have some whiskey and then start the trek again but as you know whiskey will make you loose your senses and you will get exhausted early when you start to do trek. But we all managed to have 2-3 glasses of whiskey and after having some gossip we again begin to walk towards our destination which we find was quite far from here. So we started to walk little bit fast so we can reach there by time one of our friend has booked a room for 5 of us at government rest house of forest department at Triund where we all were going to stay. That was quite a sign of relief for us as we all did not have to put the tents there to stay and we all did not polluted the areas by the waste of our own things which we carried with ourselves and we should not do this everyone should carry there own waste and we should not pollute the nature. The place was quite silent and the sun was at the top and after 2 hours of journey we managed to reach the first cafe which is at the way of Triund from there the distance our our destination remains about 8 kms. We all had rest at there had few sips of tea smoked a blunt and after managing all things we started to walk towards our journey. Now the real test of your strengths will begin. Soon we managed to cross some paths and we reached after half an hour near the 22 curves which are also called 22 mod in hindi. Which is the main patch and so called the toughest patch of the trek. This patch is the real test of your legs and endurance. So we begin to climb those curves which was quite exhausting for all of us as we had some whiskey which made us loose our stamina quite fast. We took rest at some curves and after 2 hours of climbing we managed to reach the top of Triund which was a much victory for all of us when you reach the top the view was mesmerizing you see the moon peak of Dhauladhar range which makes you fall in love with that place which was quite enjoyable for all of us. When we reached the top I saw a clean place throwed my bag and just lied on the ground as I was feeling very much exhausted and dehydrated. We all took rest for sometime there and then had a lot of water and after that we took some photos with each other and some selfies as selfies were trending those days and after that we went to the rest house and after some paperwork they showed us the room. As at such elevation there is no electricity so we have to spend the night with the light of candles and flashlights and torches. I switched my phone off as there was no signal up there and saved my battery for tomorrow morning so I can capture the sunrise there. Then we managed to get some woods for the camp fire. We had a camp fire at the night there near our rest house had the whiskey which was remaining with us and smoked some blunts and as we all were tired we managed to have a good sleep.

The beautiful Triund top cover with a blanket of snow.

Photo of Triund trek: A perfect weekend outing. by Shubhankit Upadhyay
Day 2

After having a good sleep at the night we all woke up early in the morning and managed to see the sunrise only the two of us woke up early than the other 3 and we sat near a big stone and seeing moonpeak smoking some blunts and enjoying the peace there with some slow music. We saw the sunrise at Triund which a whole new experience for us which was so memorable that we all cannot forget that. After that we had some breakfast spended some time there and after that we thought that we will checkout from the guest house and leave so we can reach our respective homes by the night. So we had a breakfast there and after spending some time at the top we managed to get back down to Meclodganj and started to go back from where we came. It was a quite satisfying trek we all managed to capture some beautiful moments out there in our cameras. And after 2 and a half hour of journey we managed to reach Meclodganj by the evening. We had some food there at the local restraunts and managed to reach our homes by 8pm. It was a quite memorable trek for all of us and a perfect weekend we spent out of home despite of being the locals. In the end I just want to covey a message who read all my this little story that don't pollute the nature carry your own waste with yourself and if you may find some plastic in the way going or coming back from Triund please clean it up and carry it with you and throw all that in dustbins. Now these day there are many dustbins installed there at the way near to some cafes and places. Keep the nature clean and love nature.

Capturing moments

Photo of Triund trek: A perfect weekend outing. by Shubhankit Upadhyay

Some knowledge about the place

Photo of Triund trek: A perfect weekend outing. by Shubhankit Upadhyay

Me myself and I

Photo of Triund trek: A perfect weekend outing. by Shubhankit Upadhyay

The sun rise

Photo of Triund trek: A perfect weekend outing. by Shubhankit Upadhyay

Dare not to climb this

Photo of Triund trek: A perfect weekend outing. by Shubhankit Upadhyay
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