Tulu Nadu Experience

30th Oct 2020

Vivid colours of Sunset at Tannirbhavi beach

Photo of Tulu Nadu Experience by Swathi Ns

Though there are so many things in Tulu Nadu, My favorites are food and temples. Tulu Nadu simply means Tulu speaking places. This includes parts of Karnataka and Kerala.

These places include amazing beaches and extraordinary temples.

I visited Kateelu temple, We got confused and stood for prasada queue and realized half way through :D!! after having tasteful prasada we visited beautiful and well decorated temple.

Kateelu Temple area

Photo of Kateel Temple, Bhojana Graha, Yekkar Muchur Road, Kateelu, Karnataka, India by Swathi Ns

Kudroli temple was extraordinary and since it was dasara time, entire temple was lit up and it was delightful eyesight. The goddess murthy, all of them very incredibly made and photography was not allowed to capture those wonderful murthy. Walking through dasara procession and crowd, I almost forgot that corona has not left us .

Kudroli Temple

Photo of Kudroli temple, Kudroli, Kodailbail, Mangalore, Karnataka, India by Swathi Ns

After resting well, I visited Karinja temple next day, filled with green surroundings it consisted of hot and cool areas around. Climbing many stairs to reach to the top temple while monkeys accompany you was engaging.

Karinja- A view

Photo of Karinja, Karnataka, India by Swathi Ns

The views all along the climb are worthy of frequent breaks. These views motivate the climb too.

Karinja Temple

Photo of Karinja Temple കരിഞ്ച ക്ഷേത്രം, Ichilampady, Kerala, India by Swathi Ns

After a good climb up and down, I had tasteful lunch at friend's house.

Having a local friend is of all the advantage. An authentic Tulu Nadu lunch was superb.

Lunch at friend's place

Photo of Tulu Nadu Experience by Swathi Ns

The sea food was mouth watering and Tulu Nadu food is so wholesome.

Talking about the food, the ice-creams at Ideal and Pabbas surely satisfies your sweet tooth.

Ice cream at Ideal

Photo of Ideal Cream Parlour, Hampankatta, Mangalore, Karnataka, India by Swathi Ns

Ice cream at Pabba's

Photo of PABBA'S, Lalbagh, Mangalore, Karnataka, India by Swathi Ns

Every beach is different here, different sunset views, different crowd and different feel.

While Someshwara beach had few people Panambur beach was crowded.

Someshwara beach has pink sand coating at many stretches and gave a different view.

Someshwara beach area

Photo of Someshwara Beach, Ullal, Karnataka by Swathi Ns

Someshwara - Pink sand

Photo of Someshwara Beach, Ullal, Karnataka by Swathi Ns

Tannirbhavi beach was laid back and not empty and not crowded either, the sunset here is stunning. Tulu Nadu is worth a visit!!

Tannirbhavi beach

Photo of Tannirbhavi Beach, Kasba Bengre, Mangalore, Karnataka by Swathi Ns