Tween Party: Top Birthday Ideas for Girl Teens


While it is easy to randomly pick party ideas for your kid for their birthday, it is challenging to decide what birthday party idea is best for your girl tween. Teens are in the crucial age of peer acceptance, so to make it lit, below are the top birthday party ideas that your tween girl will surely enjoy together with her friends:

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• The Spa Party

Teens are starting to explore, one best exploration is transitioning from being a little princess to a young and beautiful lady. So, pamper her together with her close friends for a spa party and make it a beautiful day for a makeover. You may want to book some professionals, or invite your tween girl and her closest friends to a salon and keep them busy with a manicure, pedicure, facial, and have their hair done. This birthday party idea will surely make a wonderful memory for her together with her friends.

• The neon party

If your daughter wants to gather almost everyone on her birthday, nothing can be more lit than the neon party. You can redecorate your backyard with on the top neon lights, or hire a party bus that allows neon themed birthday party like the Emperor Limousine where you can also plan your trip, or have a neon birthday pool party. All you need to do is gather different kinds of neon lights and some black lights to maximize the glow of the neon. You can let your daughter's friends wear some neon clothes or other light reactive clothes. Bring out some neon party paints to make the whole shindig on the top. This party idea will make your daughter popular.

• The party bus

If you live in Chicago, you should let your daughter together with her closest friends enjoy a wonderful ride with a limo or party bus; this thing never gets old. With a party bus, you are your own travel guide because you are the boss and allowing your daughter feel like a princess in a limo, this is one best option that will make her want to post everything on Instagram. However, if your daughter wants to party with all of her friends, you might want to hire a cost-efficient party bus. There are cheap party bus rates Chicago that you can hire on the day of your daughter's birthday or during weekends and even during a holiday. Also, you do not need to worry about the teens' safety because at Emperor Limo, all their drivers are licensed and very professional when it comes to safety; so, click to book now.

• The slumber party

This is the most intimate and one of the birthday parties that never goes old, where your daughter can have on her special day together with her special and closest friends. All you need to do is prepare them some nice and fun activity that all of them would really enjoy. Kids are predictable but not with teens. If you want your daughter to create best memories of her tween days, let them feel they have the freedom to decide or plan for their birthday party.

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