Photo of #Twelve_Minutes_of_Achievement_Over_Fear by Deepthi Margam

Hello all.. I am sure that many of us feel that we can do anything without fear or doubt.. it's all about that one move- moving your butt off the seat in which you are stuck forever in the same thought of all the possibilities or actions you would like to do. To make that one move- be it opening a store, or starting a new job or quitting a job or even going on a new adventure...

Trust me all I could think of when I started was just to go and do it and it's just that simple. Here I am writing the true sense of what I felt when I did my adventure... it's not that I don't do adventures... but then the fear of not being able to do it is gonna stop from doing it in the first place. It's all about that move itself to make it happen.

It was a group of four who decided to do this adventure during a trip to various places around this location. We all have that one geek who plans the whole trip and the whole gang agrees to it as the gang is lazy and is interested in the journey rather than the planning which goes in a lot of work of bookings of everything. I will make by best attempt on sharing the whole trip in a different post though...

So here we are at our destination to do an adventure. I was all geared up along with my gang to start off... I think it's always tricky when it's my turn, I somehow got hold off as a couple was very much interested in seeing my stunt so they decided to finish their adventure first. I don't know why, however I agreed to them without even a second thought- my inner fear which was rising bit by bit. The couple was done with their stunt and waiting for me to do mine. That's the second when the actual fear call it as reflexes stopped me.

OOH... I don't think I mentioned about the stunt... its BUNGEE ... I was thinking it's just a jump and all I should do is see a far distant yellow colored board, assume that I am grabbing it and take a jump. I was all set with jumping gears and waiting for my turn, I was perfectly fine till then... the moment I started walking towards the edge of the rail, there was an adrenaline rush, my whole body was on chills and I was literally dripped in sweat. And above all this, instructors were pushing me off to one more step and one more when you are ALREADY at the edge of the rail which makes it even more terrifying. I was standing with half foot on the rail and half foot in the air.... all I can see was the depth of the scenic beauty which was not looking beautiful to me anymore. I just assumed to drop the whole idea of doing it, but I came all the way to Rishikesh from Hyderabad to do THIS.

It's that day I got to know the meaning of reflexes and how reluctant they can be between the adventure streak in your head and being protective on YOURSELF. It's like a fight in yourself on doing or not being able to finish what was started. What if the harness is let loose or if the gear starts acting weird during the jump, with all these mixed thoughts I literally took TEN whole minutes at the edge of rail with half foot in the air . I am pretty sure, not even single jump would have been this long in their history. I heard stories from the bungee team of many eager jumpers who either jumped in TWO MINUTE time frame or just dropped the whole idea and left the place without doing it. When they mentioned all these, I had mixed thoughts in my head and one strong thought of doing the jump just stuck in my head without a trickle of doubt.

It's then, I had decided it's now or never and there is no never in my dictionary, at least I would say that was my thought when I was on the edge ???? ???? I just thought its worth jumping rather than dropping and then booooom.... the moment when you are in the air it's just miraculous and the feeling of emptiness of not bearing your weight- emotionally, physically is just remarkable. The moment you are pulled up again to the end of stretch- you feel your whole body all again and of course your weight too. A big Thank You to and to Jumpin Heights team for bearing me for those 12 mins and encouraging me to do it.

Yes I took whole TWELVE MINUTES TO DO THAT BUNGEE... and I really am proud of myself for pushing towards doing it even if it was late.

Like they say its better to be late than never.

Wanna feel the adrenaline rush????? Then try it without a second thought !

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