Two Adults in Hong Kong Disneyland!

25th Jun 2018

Disneyland Hong Kong - That name already brings a smile to my face. It was definitely one of the happiest days of my life, because of how it took me back 20 years in life and brought out the kid in me!

Booking tickets - Checkout for cheap offers, but if you buy from the website it is about HKD 600 per person for a single day entry.

Reaching here - Reaching Disneyland is super easy. You just have to take the MTR from Hong Kong station to Sunny Bay, take the Disney rail to the park, and there you are!!

Tips - Reach early, download the disney App which shows you real time wait times, show times, map etc. And do a little bit research on ride you want to do beforehand, so you can run around without wasting time thinking!

My favorite rides - Well, if you are there with a kid, you might not be able to do all these rides, because I definitely went for the slightly higher thrill ones. My favorites in that order are Iron Man Experience, Grizzly Gulch, Jungle River Cruise and Hyperspace Mountain.

If you are with kids, you might want to do these rides - Winnie the Pooh, Its a Small World, Dumbo Elephant, Mad Hatter;s Tea Cup, etc.

Shows you cannot miss - Well they don't have the fireworks anymore. So you definitely cannot miss the Disney Parade (ofcourse!!) and you absolutely cannot miss the Lion King!

Watch the video for more things to do but do do do prioritize!!!!! Because some of the queues can get really long in peak time. Head over to my channel to subscribe for a lot more Hong Kong based content!