Ultimate strategy for low cost travel

1st Sep 2015

I never consider myself someone who can travel with a little expense. Traveling is a little demanding yet interesting. It is the span of time you spend in which memories are created and that lasts for lifetime and even after (if you have great story to tell).

You must have read about to reduce total cost of travel by working during the visit, but many of us don't get the opportunity to work or some of us don't want to work. After all we are here to relax and enjoy.

The following points need to be keep in mind while you want to travel in low budget:

1. It's about travel not stay: Keep your focus clear to travel and visit places to experience beauty, One of the major factor that influences total cost of travel is your stay. Try to look for cheaper accommodation. It doesn't mean that you sleep on road side but yes, a place which can offer you security and amenities.

2. The local food king: Try local food to enjoy the real fun of travel. Make sure that the place is clean and hygienic. Restrain yourself from getting infected. Avoid eating in big food chains which don't offer the real local food, after all we had been eating the same in office as well.

3. Share to commute: Use shared taxi, auto, bus etc. It will offer you 2 benefits firstly can interact with the people and ask them about nearby places, historical facts etc. secondly you can save a lot on commutation.

4. The local window shopping: Avoid shopping from outlets near tourist places try to surf local markets which enables you to buy things at low cost with variety and you can bargain too.

5. Good photography make your travel free: Click photographs as much as you can and sell those on websites like Snapvillage, iStock Photo, Stockxpert, fotolia and many more. 

These are some factors as per me. If you have your own please share. Happy travelling.

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