Under the Sea

5th Mar 2019
Photo of Under the Sea by Nolan Michael Mascarenhas
Day 1

I fell in ❤️ with a girl who loved to dive. So I thought to myself, how hard could it be? At least given our hectic schedules we could spend time under the sea,communicating via 'sign language' justifying the basis of our relationship.
And for those who know me, imma wuss around these prehistoric predators.

But daymn son! having a nurse shark glide right above you in a closed 'monitored' environment (yeah right...too close for creature comfort)- you start believing in a higher entity up above, in a literal manner of speaking. I was told they were fed (up or burped I would never know)
Open Water Dive certification complete, "Mum, i think I'm ready to settle 'down' now!!!"

No pun intended. 🤣

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