under the THAR sky

All the way from Ajmer to Jaisalmer via bus, we reached Jaisalmer early morning Jaisalmer one of the places you definitely don’t wanna to miss out when travelling Rajasthan. Our tour operator, @Barkath bhai came to pick us from the bus drop point and we headed to the hotel, got freashen up and had a great breakfast in a nearby resturant and headed back to the hotel had a few words with Barkath bhai on the desert camping and so on, he gave us 2 options; either stay in the desert camp in tents along with other tourists or the “Open desert stay”, just four of us, acompanied by two camel herders. We chose the more adventurous one, the open desert stay, under the sky full of stars. It was Friday we went for Jumma and now we were all set for the move.

Firstly we went to an abandant village which was few kilometers away from our hotel haveli. The kuldhara village was established around 13th century,it was once a prosperous village inhabited by the Paliwal Brahmins. It was abandoned by the early 19th century for unknown reasons. And then we headed towards the desert where the camels were waiting for us. We got on the camels and we rode them about 7-8 kms into the interior of the desert, first through the Royal desert, then Mughal desert and finally to the THAR desert.

Haa now we reached the incredible Thar. We sat there and enjoyed the beautiful sunset and the camel herders prepared bed for us on the expansive dunes of the Thar. The sky getting darker and we getting hungry, one of the camel herders, Ali bhai went to collect some fire wood while Eimail Khan bhai was preparing for the dinner. They prepared roti, pulao & vegetable curry for the dinner. After the dinner we had to spent the whole night in the massive desert chit chating, stargazing. The weather was pleasant, though getting colder by time passing by. It was the rattlesnakes and scorpions which we scared the most but at night it was the dogs which kept us awake.
Even though it was very risky to spend the night under the open sky but it turned out to be the best experience in our North Indian tour.
In the morning it was the birds which woke us up by chirping and hopping on us
Haa and then was time for our morning rituals, we had to find some place now :p

Ali bhai and Khan bhai began to prepare breakfast for us and by the time the breakfast was getting ready we went for dune bashing. It was a great experience. We had breakfast and then we rode our way back to the road on the camels. Then Ali bhai took us for some city drive and shopping in the local market.
Truly exhilarating experience.