Unexpected Fun In Cappadocia!


So for a girl like me TURKEY was an quite a boring place because ISTANBUL was scattered with mosques, historical places and stuff and I am not a cultural or a historical type of a person(so you people can imagine). There was one more place to be traveled in TURKEY which was CAPPADOCIA.....so I mentally prepared myself for a disappointment as I judged it on the basis of ISTANBULBut when I saw CAPPADOCIA it was totally opposite to my thinking. As we say "A Book Cannot Be Judged By Its Cover." (same situation mahn!)

So when we reached CAPPADOCIA, there was Nothing and I literally mean Nothing. When I took a good look around myself.....I just found that I was in the middle of nowhere. No Buildings, No Towers, No McDonalds, No Subways, absolutely Nothing....it was just scattered with cone-shaped mountains, large caves and rocks. All the time i was just thinking that where the HELL are we supposed to stay!? The driver drove us through some valleys and gullies. When we reached our destination......I was totally STUNNED!

Photo of Unexpected Fun In Cappadocia! 1/4 by Mahek Shah

Our hotel was fully made into some cave type of structure. Our rooms were totally giving us the feel of the ancient times. It was just so BEAUTIFUL! The food was FANTASTIC. French Fries of our Hotel were so delicious that they could beat McDonalds (sarcasm ppl!) Our room was not less than a 5 star hotel.

Photo of Unexpected Fun In Cappadocia! 2/4 by Mahek Shah

The next day we woke up quite early in the morning for Hotair Balloon. The temperature was pretty low. We got settled inside the balloon and there are journey started high up the sky. As we were going up, the temperature was so freezing that it gradually became unbearable for us but it was none of our concern because the surrounding view was just BREATHTAKING. It was quite an experience. The last day we had yummy Aloo Ke Parathas for our breakfast made by the Local Turkish Women. And then we left for INDIA with tons of memories etched in our hearts.

Photo of Unexpected Fun In Cappadocia! 3/4 by Mahek Shah 

Photo of Unexpected Fun In Cappadocia! 4/4 by Mahek Shah

Blue Eyes- The locals believe in something called NAZAR.

This trip will forever remain one of my favorites and I hope to visit it soon again.

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