Agonda – South Goa's paradise

17th Sep 2015

You may have been to Goa N number of times but South Goa is definitely an upcoming area of interest for many. This was my fourth visit to Goa and it was a school reunion of three friends whom I last met in class 6. We had planned of checking out South Goa as none of us had been there, and it was on our wishlist.

We decided to devote an entire day to explore almost all the beaches of South Goa, Palolem to top our priority list. To our surprise, of all the beaches we visited (including those of North Goa), Agonda stood out hands down. It was off season and the beach was supposedly "closed" according to our driver and the people we consulted (I dunno how this works, I mean how does a beach remain closed??). Still we decided to go, and Voila ! we were glad we did it. We arrived at around 5 pm at the beach. A narrow lane led us to the beach from a small street (thanks to the my friends who are blind followers of Google maps). There was literally NO ONE on the beach except the four of us, not even a stray dog ! We absolutely loved the scenic piece of beauty we encountered. The sand was so clean and golden, the water sparkled as we splashed our feet against it. There were under-construction beach houses at the back, colored blue and yellow. To our left was a little hill and to our right were stone creeks. In front of us was the beautiful sun, almost ready to go down for the day. 

All other beaches have been badly commercialized, with so many beach shacks, disposing waste literally into the water, making the place smell so bad. Plus, the people who make it dirtier by throwing stuff carelessly on the beach. Thankfully, Agonda comes to rescue here, as it has been untouched and lives upto the perfect example of just "A beach with a beautiful view".

Go anytime of the day, I am sure it won't disappoint you !

P.S: Another such beach in North Goa is Candolim. Very neat and clean, ideal for early morning jogs and evening walks. You'll love it too !

Empty beach. Clean sand. Sparkling waters.

Photo of Agonda Beach, Agonda, Goa, India by Shraddha Nair

Little hill to the left

Photo of Agonda Beach, Agonda, Goa, India by Shraddha Nair

Let's walk ?

Photo of Agonda Beach, Agonda, Goa, India by Shraddha Nair
Photo of Agonda Beach, Agonda, Goa, India by Shraddha Nair
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What place is that?
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stay at @Manveer's Kitchen at forget me not resort #agonda
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