Unplanned from planned Trip

9th Jan 2016
Photo of Unplanned from planned Trip by Hardik Rajani

Again same story, We had plan for biking. 4 bikers supposed to join, but as the time came, one by one all has put their keys down. But who can stop the bikers.

I woke late in the morning (Actually you can call it afternoon, clock was about to hit noon). At least for half an hour, I sat back in the bed, thinking whether to burn the tyres or to sleep back. First I decided to sleep back, but I was getting list of places in mind constantly. So I couldn't sleep, I just got up and ignited my machine. First of all, I went out of the society and had a cup of tea to decide the route. I was not being able to decide good routes for biking which I have not visited. So I thought to go for off-road.

Now it's time to hit the road, I started from Shivar Garden to the old and famous Mumbai Highway (Ishh, this is not off-road). Wait, I had an idea, I took a turn to Pavananagar from Kamshet to go for Pavana Dam. Now I am on my plan. No solid road, broken patches, lots of stones on the road, can't even think of sudden breaking. Here it challenges the real rider, you can't break suddenly, you don't know the route, you can't keep map in hand. But as soon as I reached the pavana dam, I felt that it's worth taking that challenge. I sat there for sometime, just looking at the view. No clicks, no mobile, no disturbance, no noise. . . . Only plenty of water in front of me, few birds, skin burning sun rays. I asked one person out there for nearby attraction. He asked me to visit Lohagad. Here I got my idea back, Complete the circuit. I started again, Went to Lohagad Fort, enjoyed the view and tea and the track. But I still needed to cover a long way to complete the circuit. So didn't climb up to the fort(kept it for trekking in monsoon, not going to miss the fort which is still not broke around here).

Now the most interesting part came, I started towards Lonavala, Thought to go there and have some food. But the moment I reached there, I got an idea to climb up to Tiger point, to click some pics of sunset. So I rode to there. But it was too early to click. So I decided to continue my ride, as I wanted to check the road ahead. I have never ride on that route but I heard a lot about that route. The moment I started my ride, I got company. Two rider from Mumbai were there to ride on that track only. Thrice of us were riding at speed of 90-100 kms on the curves and corners. None of us spoke a word to each other. It was like just our girl friend's were enjoying the company (don't doubt, check the pic of the GF ;) ). Until we got dead end, we rode, we took a break, we shared few moments together and talked about our experiences and started our ride back to Lonavala. I took a break at sunset point and they kept moving (I hope we will ride together again very soon buddies.).

I had a tea at sunset point and waited for sun to set. But due to fog, was not getting good shot. So I decided to ride back to Pune. Here comes the last path of the circuit. It is Lonavala to Kamshet.

It is more pleasant to meet like minded people accidentally.

This is the fun of the day, Only me and my two GFs (bike and camera). This is how one can ride, only you and your thoughts and your skills. No excuses, no arguments, no teasing.

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