Unplanned trips could be disastrous

18th Nov 2018
Photo of Unplanned trips could be disastrous by life_through_a_helmet

            Me and my 3 Friends planned an inter-state roadtrip trip once in a year. This year we planned of exploring the western part of rajasthan which covered jaisalmer and jodhpur and  we also covered mount abu which was on our way. So From here the story of the title begins.
           This picture was taken after we visited Longewala Ind-Pak border. So While returning back to our tents in Sam sand dunes we could not control ourselves to not stop for the beautiful sunset. We had to cross a patch of 40kms till Ramgarh for petrol pump ,which was scary as the sun was set and because it was BSF area there were no shops, no petrol pumps , not even a single person on the road except the four of us riding in cold desert.  Me and my friend who had old generation dukes (ktm) were low on fuel as our tank capacity is pretty low and were unknown about this situation of there being no petrol pump for about more than 40kms. It was extremely scary as we were worried of getting out of fuel in the middle of open barren land with snakes crossing our path (not exaggerating) and all the insects coming out of the sand dunes in the night time . We both riding at an economy pace to conserve fuel and waiting for the Ramgarh city petrol pump. Those 40kms were like a lot at that moment but thanks to our prayers the moment we reached the fuel station bike was completely out of fuel and so we managed to reach our tents after that.
                So this gave us the lesson that whenever you are on a roadtrip u must know your vehicle and know the places you are travelling, their availabilites and nonavailabilities.

Photo of Longewala, Rajasthan, India by life_through_a_helmet
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