Up and Away.

1st Mar 2018

Walk up and beyond.

Photo of Up and Away. by Sonam Tshering

Photo of Up and Away. 1/7 by Sonam Tshering

All I could hear was the sound of my breath, annoyed by the fogging of the goggles caused by them, the crunching of snow below my feet. It must have been freezing, protected by layers of clothing that added more than 5kilos of my original weight. I was loosing so much weigh even though I hogged away. All I could see was peaks towering above me making me feel insignificant and just making me contemplate my mere existence.

Photo of Up and Away. 2/7 by Sonam Tshering

The Himalayas have always been sacred for all those who have ever seen the might and majestic it. It never ceases to amaze you and make you feel like you were in a different place. It is where time freezes and civilisation is just another word. When you pass through the hut and homes made up of stones your feel like you are a time traveller getting a glimpse of the past. You are too drained from the trek and you are left with your thought alone.

Photo of Up and Away. 3/7 by Sonam Tshering

I don't have many words to describe this my face in the previous photo should be self explanatory. Even though I grew up waking up to the mountains, being among them and part of them was a whole different experience. I not only miss this place but long to be back here. I can see it from the balcony of my house but being here I felt like I was in a whole different world.

Photo of Up and Away. 4/7 by Sonam Tshering

Someday I wish to climb the peak and look down at my beautiful little hometown Darjeeling and smile to my younger self and say yes..Dreams do come true if you wake up.

Photo of Up and Away. 5/7 by Sonam Tshering
Photo of Up and Away. 6/7 by Sonam Tshering
Photo of Up and Away. 7/7 by Sonam Tshering

Wish you were here don't you?

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