USA/Canada West Coast Road Trip!

10th Mar 2017

I just couldn’t get enough of the United States and had to go back. This time I planned 10 days on the West coast. Three cities were on my list ones I’ve wanted to visit always - Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. This time I wasn’t alone though, and had the company of Kirsten, a girl I met at the beach during my last trip to America!!

I met Kirsten in Portland, Oregon. We decided to stay in the district of Central Eastside because we wanted to be closer to the River Willamette and maybe do some activities in the water. Since we arrived on a Friday, we were very lucky that the next day we were able to shop at the Saturday Market, where I could buy many handmade souvenirs for my family back in Spain. My mom loved the handmade earrings I got her!

Then we took the plane to Seattle in Washington. It is only a one hour’s flight from Portland which is perfect. Seattle is bigger than Portland which means there’s more things to do. We saw all the main sights like the Space Needle (I was so scared!! I hate heights!!) and Pike Place Market where I tried a fusions of Korean and Italian food that was delicious! We spent three days only in Portland, but we could have been there forever. (Especially Kirsten, who loves the rain, even though she caught a cold.)

Next - Vancouver, Canada! But right when I got excited, I remembered something important. Because I am a Spanish citizen, I would have to apply for travel authorization that in Canada is known as the eTA. Kirsten is an American citizen and thus has a US passport, which means that she does not need any special kind of visa or permission to enter Canada. Lucky Americans!! But me? Because I come from Spain and am not a US citizen I had to apply online for permission to enter Canada. It took me just a few minutes on this website I found. It was easy and quick, but I wish I didn’t have to spend even more time applying for visas online (and spending more money). It’s annoying to always have to worry about what documents or paperwork I might need. Luckily the website I found processed mine quickly and I had my eTA in less than one day.

When we finally arrived to Vancouver, we went straight to see the nature in the area. We had a nice picnic in Stanley Park in the shade of the many beautiful trees that are in the park. I have never been in a park that is so lovely and surrounded by water. After we went to Brockton Point, where I saw totem poles for the first time!! Do you know how long I’ve dreamed of standing next to one and taking a picture?? We decided then to be brave girls and walk across the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Kirsten got scared halfway through which I thought was funny.

The next day I was sad because it was our last day together. We decided to go to the VanDusen Botanical Gardens for our last tourist visit together. We were sad but also happy to walk amongst all the beautiful paths with flowers. We even liked getting lost in the maze! The next day Kirsten flew back to Portland, and I caught the flight back to Spain. I’m already thinking about my next trip to the USA - and all the places I have left to visit!!

Photo of Vancouver, Columbia Británica, Canadá by Maria
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