Using Hose Reels While You Are Traveling


If you have a profession that requires you to travel from one place to another using hose reels as one of your equipment to do your job well, then you must read this article about garden hose equipment. A type of business that may require you to have this is the pressure washing business. By looking at it on the surface, having this will appear to be the best choice to make operations more efficient, they are other things that could make it even better. With more moving parts and mechanism equates to more things that can go wrong. It is easy to say that you can just simply pinch the hose from the reel to its frame but the use of winding hose reels is better. There are hand crank hose reels that are better than double steel braided hose and they should be preferred since it would save you time. Once you stack your hose reel with lots of hoses, the weight will definitely cause the springs with the advanced clicker to be broken and it will definitely be a catch. It has the ability to roll itself up while you are actually working. Too much hose length can cause problems of over limiting the coil spring. You can fix this problem by removing the reel apart; the problem is, when you do this, you will definitely void the warranty.

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You should avoid using the spray of the pressure washer while you are rolling up the hose from its source. The pressure in the hose should be unloaded completely before use. If not this can cause their O-rings into your swivel to turn and come apart later on. Then your swivel will begin to leak. New swivels can cost from $30-$55 for the quality ones. You can purchase them at a hydraulic hose dealer or at a pressure washer sales company. If you purchase one that can hold 5000 PSI working pressure, this would be enough for your needs. If you buy a cheaper one, however, it will blow out soon, especially if that particular truck handles a lot of steam cleaning. The hot water used frequently cuts the life in half, so it is important to go for the more expensive swivels.

There are small steps when it comes to the preventative maintenance that can increase the life of your hose reel equipment. There are at least two grease points that most high-pressure hose reels possess. You should grease them whenever it starts squeaking a lot for at least once a month under normal conditions. You should keep a small grease gun on the work truck or in the cargo box on the pressure washer trailer. If you do not grease these fittings, then you will cause scarring on the inside of the movable parts that will worsen the risk of failure and cause excessive failure of the O-rings and tear. This is similar to the brake rotors of a car that when they scar, they wear out brake pads much quicker. You can purchase O-rings kit and you can replace them yourself. Most O-ring kits come with simple instructions so you must be careful not to lose those little parts since each part is necessary and without each the unit, they will not work right and it can cause premature failure. Maintain your equipment, since it is your livelihood.

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