“Travel is more than the seeing of sites; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”

- Miriam Beard

Travelling has become an addiction for many. Travel bloggers all over the world have opened up our minds to the possibility of exploring distant, faraway places. The ability to move from one place to another and explore, can be considered as a virtue among human beings. Ease of transportation today, has led to ease of travelling. A good majority of people across the world prefer travelling, rather than staying inside the confined spaces of their homes. Meeting new people, exploring new places, proves to be an enriching experience for them. It is this very attitude that has made tourism, one of the most profitable, commercial sectors in the world.

However, with the increased travelling expenses, travelling on a budget has become a necessity for many. Travelling on a budget proves to be convenient for a lot of reasons. Most travelers and travel bloggers choose to travel on a budget, as it proves to be hassle-free and economical.

Humans have been travelling since time immemorial for a variety of reasons. Even during an age when there was no infrastructure and no modes of transport, travel was still carried out on foot or animal backs. However, with the origin of technology, travelling has become a much easier notion.

Booking a trip today, and booking a trip 10 years ago are two completely different experiences. As the travel agents of the 80s and 90s gave way to airfare search websites of the 2000s, we could all sense that changes were underway. But even the most frequent travelers among us, probably could not envision the level of technology integration and convenience that modern travelers get to enjoy.

Trips to Europe are no longer limited to honeymoons or retirees only. Now, college students can use a number of apps on their smartphones to find affordable airfare, safe housing, restaurant recommendations, and read dozens of reviews on every aspect of their trip. Apps like MakeMyTrip, Tripoto, Go Ibibo, have made travel much easier.

Technology allows the travel industry to reach more people than it has before, and as a result, travelers are younger, better informed and more tech savvy. Technology has influenced the travel industry not only to step into the 21st century, but to embrace it whole-heartedly.

Gone are the days when travelling required standing in long queues to purchase tickets, face hassles while booking hotels. Long queues have gotten reduced to simple apps on smartphones. Purchasing tickets and booking hotels has become more convenient and easy.

The advancement of the Internet has deeply affected the way tourism and travel intermediaries perform their business. Various online portals have come up, which effectively assist people in making their travel plans. Tourism suppliers like Lufthansa and British Airways have started applying e-commerce applications, thereby allowing their customers to directly access reservation systems. Hence, a customer is able to make a flight search and directly access the system before making an informed choice. Technology has made it possible for customers to access high quality information within a short time.

When it comes to travelling, technology has improved many aspects of it. Very few of us today would contemplate travelling without the help of Google maps, apps to book flights and hotels, and even just reading reviews of places we intend to visit.

Technology has given us access to many things these days, with everything within reach of our fingertips for the most part. There are sites and applications dedicated to finding cheap travel services for those travelling on a budget.

Think of how easily we can book flights, trains and hotels nowadays. The bogs and reviews we access give us top tips and priceless travel advice, giving multiple options to choose from, no matter what the budget. Technology makes travel on a budget, more economical. Personal recommendations are a great way for travelers to steer away from busy and crowded places, and they can confidently expect their plans to go the way they should, thanks to the online world.