Using your Android phone while traveling


How Can Everyone Explore The Hidden Possibilities Of Your Android Without Rooting?

To understand the potential of the phone, root it. Sounds like an axiom for many. Well, if you are a computer geek that will be a perfect way. But if you look closer, you might discover some downsides in this approach.

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Per example, root methods might contain some backdoors or other harmful things. On the other hand, rooting leaves phone free from any possible kind of barrier from harmful software, usually built-in. Even the big and friendly community of Android users and developers will not save you from risk.

Rooting is complicated. Only the experienced developers, preferably with the special education, might try it. Otherwise, you are risking turning your brand-new Android companion into the metal brick. Policies of user’s manual will be violated by the very first root, thus goodbye to the warranty.

So, there are several “hacks”, not requiring any kind of developer skills.

Customize The Widgets

Widgets are helping you to reach the applications you really need on a daily basis right from the phone screen. Try an application similar to Beautiful Widgets, to totally customize the display and become the creator of your own widget screen. The shortcuts you set up might also be helpful and beautiful if you turn on your aesthetic taste and rely on your vision totally.

Customize Your Mail Client

Everyone uses mail on a daily basis, especially it's true for those who work in big corporations. And if you are a big corporation worker, there is 95% possibility your company uses Microsoft Outlook for business purposes. And you, per example, use Gmail. How to keep in touch with both friends and colleagues, without constantly switching between the email clients? You can synchronize Outlook for Android with Gmail using an application like AkrutoSync. Stay in touch with valuable people without limits!

If Have An Edge Display, Use It!

Since the Galaxy Edge 6, the notifications can be displayed on what seemed to be the edge of the screen. This led to an agreement that the notifications displayed like this are exactly the best. Unfortunately, this way of displaying the notifications belongs only to Galaxy Edge 6, and you cannot use any other devices for the same effect. Luckily, we have a plenty of applications allowing us to imitate an Edge technology. Just enter the Play Market and type something like Edge Screen and you will discover plenty of interesting features. Make your display great without buying a new smartphone just for beautiful notifications.

Remote Control Of Your Desktop Computer

Remote desktop application powered and inspired by Google allows you to control your display without installing dozens of software megabytes. You just need to install 2 applications: one on your display and one on your phone and thus you will receive two totally synchronized devices. Pretty convenient, huh?


You can discover the hidden power of your device without abandoning your warranty contract. Just explore the Play Market and you will find out the miracles.

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