Uttarakhand @ Jageshwar Temples!!

24th Feb 2018
Day 1

Guys because of the mystical and tranquil setting of this place famously known as  Jageshwar it made me feel that it's an ideal holiday destination to explore and rejuvenate the body and mind. We were in Uttarakhand and jageshwar  is the best near place to visit. We book a local cab to reach this place and the beauty all the way surrounded by clouds feels like an cherry to cake.

Jageshwar has a beautiful history attached to it like these valley are a group of over 100 hindu temples in the Himalayan state. Even it has a number of temple clusters such as the Dandeshwar and Jageshwar sites

All the way we are exploring history and the nature and we reached there and was completely mesmerized by the clusters over the valley which consist of over 200 structural temples built from cut stone. Interestingly many are small, while a few are substantial.

The best thing about this are  they predominantly illustrate north indian nagara style of architecture having sone exceptions that show South and Central Indian style designs which  many are dedicated to god Shiva.
Exploring the temple all over the way we also came to know that the surrounding deodar trees and the Jata Ganga which flows through the temple add to the beauty of the place. Even for meditation lover this place also acts as a meditation center due to the calm, fresh and beautiful environment which was surrounded the temple.

Even some of the more attraction we explored are the landscape of Jageshwar which are so pleasing and also the temple complex is nestled in an idyllic green valley full of deodhar trees.

Something very new and unique we came to know about these trees are that they are a distinct feature of Jageshwar as in the rest of Kumaon only pine monoculture is observed.
Also these trees are worshipped by locals. Guys the best and small and last attraction was water pond with old stone steps in the same complex.

Guys if you are a nature lover and as well historic lover then this place is must in the lap of Himalaya!! A must visit place guys!!

Photo of Uttarakhand @ Jageshwar Temples!! by ayushi kabra
Photo of Uttarakhand @ Jageshwar Temples!! by ayushi kabra
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