Vacation Dangers: 5 Types of Injuries to Avoid while Traveling

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People love to travel. We love to expand our horizons and learn about new cultures, but sometimes we push ourselves too far. Sometimes, we just have a case of bad luck. Accidents can sometimes be avoided through careful planning and a strong focus on the present, but, other times, mishaps and ensuing injuries are beyond our control.

Traffic Accidents

While traffic accidents are nothing uncommon, the risk of becoming involved in one while on vacation is increased. Often, vacations are spent in new places, maybe even new countries. This means we should familiarize ourselves with the traffic laws, before taking to the road. Additionally, a voice controlled GPS may prevent accidents by providing detailed driving directions. Otherwise, a driver new to the area might be more focused on where he/she is going, instead of what's going on in the road.

Slips and Falls

Tripping over one's own feet is another danger that is more frequent for vacationers. Instead of watching where we're walking, we may be looking for landmarks or following street signs. A serious fall can happen anywhere: hotels, restaurants, busy streets, and even in tourist shops.

When there is a fall resulting in an injury, it might be wise to consult an injury attorney at a place like Trammell and Mills Law Firm LLC. The fall may have been prompted by neglected care of a property in which case the business owner may be liable for any injuries suffered from the incident.


Sunstroke and sunburn happens frequently, especially when vacationing in tropical climates. Spending time at the beach may be great fun, but it can also create a skin cancer hazard, if proper sunscreen isn't applied to exposed skin. It's also recommended that outdoor activities be pursued in the early mornings or later in the early evening, when the sun isn't at full strength. Try to remain indoors during the afternoon hours.


While this can occur anytime, there's a higher risk of dehydration in those higher tropical temperatures. Frequent water intake is essential to remaining hydrated and healthy, especially when alcohol consumed. Beer, wine, and liquors absorb moisture, leading to dehydration.

Physical Activities

A major part of vacationing is indulging in fun activities, which also means engaging in potentially unsafe sports. Water skiing, bungee jumping, swimming, and mountain climbing are just a few activities which could result in serious injuries. Always be safe and follow instructions from instructors, while engaging in physically active events.

Vacations are meant to be fun and they can be with just a little careful planning and smart thinking. Stay aware and use common sense, when learning about new cultures, so you can avoid harm.

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