Vacation in Toraja, South Sulawesi


I was vacation in Toraja and i like it. Cause Toraja have many natural paradise for holiday. and you know, there many tourist to visit Toraja, especially North Toraja, you can choose what type vacation what you want, there is Trekking, Rafting, or looking for Ceremony, Traditional Culture,Traditional dance, or just wanna see wonderful view or beautiful landscape on top mountain and many more as you like.
But, for high season right now, many tourist just wanna see the ceremony or funeral ceremony cause that is a popular of Toraja. Btw, i have done my first trekking in Toraja, right from Rantepao go to Batutumonga to Rantepao, that is +-40km until 50km, and i feel it is an awesome experience i had ever. I meet many tourist was trekking too, they said "i like toraja, i feel i'm always looking the beautiful view everywhere i go and i stay, this is amazing! so nature and fresh to come here Toraja".
And you guys, if you looking for refreshing,vacation or adventures, better i reccomend you this place "Toraja" this place is most satisfying for ur holiday, and you all must now, i'm still here until december 2017, if you interest for coming here, with pleasure i'll help you to looking for akomodation, transportation and some information about Toraja, i have friend on Tourist Information Center. And btw, in December is peak crowd in Toraja especially on Christmas and new year, cause this place usually called "Lights City" and "Christmas City". You must book ur flight to go to Toraja right now, before the future is come true then you miss it. See you right here travelers

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