Vacation With The Stars: Where Hollywood Goes To Relax

1st Aug 2017
Photo of Vacation With The Stars: Where Hollywood Goes To Relax by Richard Smith

I recently took a vacation and got out of work at so I'll share my experience. Want to visit one of the top notch vacation spots in the world? Then why not take travel advice from those who travel there Hollywood stars. There are a number of vacation spots around the world where Hollywood's elite go to find some rest and rejuvenation. With some research and travel planning, you could be sitting in a spa next to Jack Nicholson or playing tennis with Julia Roberts.

For an exotic getaway fit for a star try the South Pacific Island of Fiji. Fiji offers solitude from the rest of the world and a relaxing getaway on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Surrounded by a crystal clear ocean, spectacular waterfalls, and picturesque mountains, it is no wonder why Hollywood’s most famous stars vacation here. With a number of vacation resorts around Fiji, you should not have any trouble finding a place to stay if you book in advance. Make sure to check out some of the extra activities offered by the resorts when choosing where to stay. There is so much to do in Fiji, from scuba diving to taking a tour through a nearby rainforest that you do not want to miss anything that would really interest you. Fiji is the perfect spot to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Also consider pampering yourself like a star and renting out a private island for the day. One of the most popular features of Fiji, having your own island for the day is something you will likely never be able to do again.

Another beautiful vacation spot popular with the stars is the Mediterranean Sea. Bordered by some of the most beautiful European nations including Italy and Greece, the Mediterranean offers a picturesque scene of tranquility and beauty. If visiting the Mediterranean consider booking yourself on a Mediterranean cruise. These cruises often offer the best views of the beautiful land and crystal clear waters surrounding you. The cruises typically dock in at least three different ports, offering you the opportunity to see as much of the area as possible during your trip. On shore excursions in places like Cypress, Egypt and Italy will provide plenty of entertainment and activities during your trip. You will also be able to take in all of the fun on the boat. Most cruise ships offer an on board spa, casinos, restaurants and activity areas where guests can make the most of their vacation.

If you want to travel like the stars but do not want to travel abroad do not worry, you can vacation with the stars right here in the United States. In between shooting movies, famous stars do not always have enough time to travel to exotic destinations in foreign countries. Sometimes stars find that the best vacations can be right here in the United States and even a short drive from Hollywood as is the case with the Westin Kieland Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. This extremely posh resort offers all the amenities a star would find at a resort in the Caribbean or South Pacific. The pool area at the resort includes a main pool, a water slide, and a 900-foot long river ride where guests can spend the day lazily relaxing while floating down the mock river. The grounds of the resort are packed with beautiful sculptures and landscaping that makes it one of the most beautiful spots to vacation in the US. The resort is also home to a number of Arizona’s finest pieces of art in its three art exhibition halls. Culture is definitely not lacking at the Westin Kierland Resort in Arizona. If you are looking for some great souvenirs the resort offers a number of stores and shops where you can buy something for everyone back home. The resort also offers a wide variety of restaurants from the Cheesecake Factory to Cold Stone Creamery.

You do not have to be a star to vacation like one. All you need is a little time to research some of Hollywood’s most popular spots for vacation getaways. Once you have found the perfect spot be prepared to spend money vacationing like the stars does not come cheap. However, once there, you will sure to experience the best of what is offered. Your Hollywood vacation will be nothing short of fabulous.

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