Varanga jain Basadi

5th May 2019

The Kere Basadi stands magnificent like a lotus right in the middle of the pond (kere) in Varanga, a town located in Udipi district of Karnataka.At a distance of 34 Kms from Udupi, 72 Kms from Mangalore & 22 Kms from Karkala.

Modes of transport: Local buses and private vehicles.

It is believed that this Basadi has a history of 850 years. The basadi, raised on a stone platform is a chaturmukha, which means four entrances in four directions and houses the idols of four Tirthankaras, Bhagwan Parshwanatha, Bhagwan Shanthinatha, Bhagwan Ananthanatha and Bhagwan Neminatha in Kayotsarga posture facing four different directions.

A short boat ride from the edge of the lake to the temple, remains a high point of the trip. Among the aquatic plants and the fishes in the lake, nature exists in abundance. Everything is serene and resonates bliss. Capture the moment on camera, the place is beautiful.

Varanga is a small village located at a distance of 26 Km from Karkala in Udupi district of Karnataka India. This village is found on the way from Karkala to Agumbe. Good place to relax in amidst of nature.

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