Venice: The heart of Italy

Photo of Venice: The heart of Italy by Prashant Pundir

Just think of taking a holiday away from your physical existence. Let your soul travel with the trickling noise of the babbling brook. Only the idea of travelling to Venice gives utmost ecstasy and goosebumps.

The beauty and tranquility of the place leaves a tourist awestruck. Rings the bell of your heart and touches the magnificence of your soul. The view of the city produces rainbow like colors and is an everlasting magical experience.

Venice, in beautiful ways, is a perfect panacea to little questions your mind pops up before exploring. Pristine and unfolded, the place takes you beyond the vivid imagination.

Flawlessly designed, and astonishingly amazing in eliciting the most beautiful surprises. The aura it bestows warns us not to visit the place just once, demands more and more of you every time.

The city resides in northeastern Italy and is the capital of Veneto region. Amidst the canals and bridges, are 117 small islands located in the shallow Venetian Lagoon, an enclosed bay that invites to the Po and the Piave Rivers.

If you’re an art lover, Venice is the place for you. Parts of Venice, with opulent architecture, soul boosting settings and artwork, are renowned to change the perceptions about travelling. The Lagoon and a part of the city are listed as a World Heritage Site.

The eternal invitation to travelers, however, slated the Italy tourism to capitalize on its serene art and valuable history that leaves all eyes searching for more. Always, this city paints a thousand words with its uniqueness.

Now just don’t look out for the scenic beauty and a historical movement, Venice holds a jar full of surprises for you. It’s time to extricate the limits and feed the ravenous traveler in you. 

Turn towards the water buses and water –traffic canals. Look there, what a beautiful art work that is, what a beautiful museum that is, totally speechless. Dwell the past with those historical walking areas, contemplate about the thoughts you’ve never been in. Clean your existence with pious and reverend churches, sacred and religious sites.

GO for all this and it’ll make you feel like heaven. Let yourself change with the aura of Venice. Let it design the beautiful curve of your lips. Let the flow and atmosphere take you with it. Just give yourself and see how extremely beautiful the story of Venice is. Here are some of the marvelous places which can make your tour a perfect one:

The Grand Canal

Forming a large S shape through the city of Venice, Canal Grande is an ancient waterway from the Saint Mark Basin on one end to a lagoon near the Santa Lucia rail. The ancient waterway collaborates with buildings mostly built from the thirteenth to the eighteenth century. The city’s traffic roam around the canal, may it be famous gondolas, private boats or water buses (vaporetti).

Travel with a water bus, loosen your body and just float with the melodious sounds. Move your eyes; there is more than just water, those heartwarming buildings along completely fills in the perfection. Wait; want a memorable way to relish the Canal Grande. Take a ride along the way; the romantic gondola is waiting for you.

Doge’s Palace

A cynosure in Venetian Gothic style adds up a bit of local flavor. Insight garnished perfectly, the historical, geographical, and sculptural scenes is beyond one’s farthest vision.  The palace was the residence of the Doge of Venice, the supreme authority of the former Republic of Venice. Walking through the dungeons serves to delight with panoply of Venetian architecture, Istirian Stone and Brick Paving. The oldest part of the palace is made of 14th century sculptures and gives you an overview of what authentic furnishing and designing looks like. Doge’s palace is itself an integration of fragmented beauty with so much to offer than what meets the eye. Stand in front of historical Doge’s palace where the famous lover and writer of Venice, was held in attic prison before he somehow managed to escape.

Teatro La Fenice

Stop your ride here. One of the most renowned in the history of Operas, Teatro La Fenice is an opera house in Venice. What one more could ask for when the beats of divine music murmur in your ears?  What is more sensational than seeing talented artists perform? It is a treat to visit this site of many famous operatic premieres. Not to commit an awful gaffe, a tourist must visit Teatro La Fenice just to settle the nerves down. Yes, after all you’re into a never like before journey.

Rialto Bridge

Wandering through the breezy atmosphere and local piazzas, here comes the highlight of the limitless beauty Venice possess. Despite being one of the costly things to do in Venice, Rialto celebrates the sunlight on its marble beauty, dances through the rainbow like reflection under water, and sings along with rhythm of positive vibes. Rialto is the oldest of the four bridges combining with The Canal Grand.

St Mark’s Basilica

The religious sites of Venice would help to calm down your cerebral hemispheres. The mind is a brood and is looking for peace and tranquility.

St Mark’s is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic, based in northern Italy. Solitude is one thing but the Italo-Byzantine architecture takes you on a different level. Connected with the Doge’s palace, it lies at the eastern end of the Piazza San Marco. For its imperfect design and gold ground mosaics, it allocates the Venetian wealth and power from the 11th century.

Of course, the vast and bewitching nature of Venice is so much more than this. The history of Venice is an underlying story demanding a glimpse of you. One can only try to describe their experience about the place, but only a true beauteous visit would conceal the ineffably pure and divine beauty.  The beginnings would be ecstatic but the ending would be memorable. Such is the impact of Venice, leaves everyone with thoughts of peace, love and care. Let yourself limn into the bright side of the world. Tell people about your visit to the heart of Italy, of how you just wanted to stay there, and how it became a part of your once in a lifetime experience.

Rialto Bridge

Photo of Venice: The heart of Italy by Prashant Pundir

Doge's palace

Photo of Venice: The heart of Italy by Prashant Pundir

The Grand Canal

Photo of Venice: The heart of Italy by Prashant Pundir

Teatro La Fenice

Photo of Venice: The heart of Italy by Prashant Pundir

St. Mark's Basilica

Photo of Venice: The heart of Italy by Prashant Pundir
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