Visit Greece, Experience The Renowned Ancient Heritage

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Planning to travel some of the most exotic and happening places across the world? Want to escape this world for a while? Or want to spend some quality time with your loved ones? What about a private tour in Greece. Greece welcomes its visitors with some of the most wonderful panoramic vistas, relaxing beaches and a culture, which is loved by all. Greece is gifted with one of the longest coastlines on earth and some of the most splendid islands are waiting for you in south eastern Europe. If you are a nature lover and loves exploring than Greece can be the best place to relax and explore. There is so much to explore that you would never think of ending the tour to Greece.

Photo of Visit Greece, Experience The Renowned Ancient Heritage by kk Sharma

There are multiple lists of pleasure you will get with Greece vacations. Tourist can relive the ancient experience in the temple of Apollo which is situated in Delphi. The walks can be turned interesting if you are walking on the streets of the old town of Rhodes in Greece. Also, explorers are welcome by the small town and villages of the island of Zakynthos.

Photo of Visit Greece, Experience The Renowned Ancient Heritage by kk Sharma

Greece can be a romantic destination for new as well as old couples. here you can escape the world by going to the romantic island of Santorini and witness the mind-blowing natural scenery and amazing sunset to refill love in your life. These scenery are popular and tourist around the world gathers to watch them.

Photo of Visit Greece, Experience The Renowned Ancient Heritage by kk Sharma

A number of tour packages to Greece allow the stay in the luxury hotels of silver and shop and explore nearby markets. Also, you can try authentic Greek cuisine in the fine restaurants. If you an adventure lover than Greece tour packages include water sports at the beach.

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A tourist who wishes to visit the archaeological sites is welcomed in the city of Volos which is situated in the Thessaly. Here you can enjoy waterfront dining at restaurants which offer a wide variety of seafood authentic Greek cuisine and grilled meat. The island of Santorini constitutes multiple numbers of charming houses, each with a different character. Also, karterados is very well known for its traditional architecture and oia is considered as one of the most romantic places in Greece.

You can visit, Pyrgos is the highest point on the island with the beautiful monastery and megalochori is an old village which is known for its vineyards and white Cycladic houses and churches. The capital of central Macedonia which is Thessaloniki is considered to be the cultural capital of the country. Here a number of festivals and events are organized every year with the perpetual excitement. Also, Thessaloniki is known for its multicultural outlook active nightlife and vast options for entertainment options.

Photo of Visit Greece, Experience The Renowned Ancient Heritage by kk Sharma

You can even go on a walking tour and see the white tower and grandeur of Byzantine, pass through the cobbled streets and have some food at the central food market. Also, here you can buy clothing and amazing herbs and many other interesting offerings are included in the Athens tour packages.

If you are a sailing lover than there is a list of opportunity waiting for you in the thermic gulf. it will help you in escaping the real world with a bunch of opportunities to get lost in romance and adventure. If someone plans to visit Greece than the first place where would love to land in Athens.

Photo of Visit Greece, Experience The Renowned Ancient Heritage by kk Sharma

Athens, the capital city of Greece is the real home classical Greece and this is the place were western civilization took birth. Athens is something which cant be ignored while searching Greece tour packages. You can explore the historic districts of Plaka and Monastiraki too look at the classical architecture and ruined Roman places. There are a large number of art galleries in the city which showcase the cultural treasure of the regions.

You can climb the top of the Lycabettus hill by a funicular railway and have some of the best dishes in the restaurants with an eye soothing view of the city. the temple of the Olympian Zeus and Hadrian's arch are two of the most ancients sites to visit in the Athens. Tourist can explore the ancient port of Piraeus and go for a walk in the national garden of Athens. This garden is known for its scenery settings and tourist can enjoy these scenes all day. At ancient Agora, you can see the well preserved ancient ruins which include the temple of Hephaestus which is an ancient Greek temple and the housing of agora museum.

Photo of Visit Greece, Experience The Renowned Ancient Heritage by kk Sharma

At the national archaeological museum, you can witness the wonderful collection of artifacts. All these artifacts are from the time range of late Neolithic to Greek and roman. There are two other important museums in the city which you can visit, and those are Benaki Museum and new Acropolis museum. These two museums are known for the collections they have. If you a hardcore art lover than for you Athens have byzantine and Christian museums and also the museums of Cycladic art to catch a view of rare art treasure from Greece. These treasure include historic remains and other architectural wonders.

The Panathinaikos stadium which is famous as the first Olympic held there in the year 1896 is located in the city too the Athens festival which is the biggest tourist attraction is also held in Odeon of Herodes Atticus. The Athens planetarium is known for is astronomical displays are located in the city and people from all the age groups can go there and enjoy them.

The city also has a shopping district from where tourist can buy and explore the culture of Athens. A visit to Athens can provide incredible historic exploration and adventures which are found nowhere than Athens. Greece is a home to many wonderful places if you are planning for honeymoon tour in Greece than you are on a correct path to adventure, luxury, and history. Please like and share to spread the words.

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