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1st Aug 2016

This small city perched on the Adriatic coast is a perfect mix of culture, nature and fun. The city has absorbed centuries of fascinating history, from the Romans, the Byzantines, the Venetians and many others. The remnants of many different cultures on the city make for fascinating landscapes, architecture and historical sites.

Photo of Makarska, Hrvatska by Maya Weber

Things to do

For those looking to travel to this beautiful city, what are some of the main attractions? Well, the location, history and strong tourism industry means that there will something for you, no matter what your taste.

Cultural sites

To enjoy the array of interesting historical and cultural sites, there are many to choose from. The Holy Shrine Vepric, The Botanical Garden Kotisina, the Franciscan monastery or the Ivanisevic Palace can all be accessed easily, and will provide a unique glimpse into the rich history of the city. The blending of culture and nature is apparent in the architecture and locations of many of these sites. Tours that can get you there include Atlas Croatia, or Simple Adria transfers and day tours. The variety of past occupational forces make for an eclectic mix of architectural styles, all blending together into a rich tapestry that is great to behold.

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Photo of Visit Makarska - Tours, Activities and Things to do by Maya Weber

Nightlife and food

As this city has fully embraced the tourism industry, there are an abundance of choices for eating and drinking scattered along the 2km long coastline. Gastronomy is taken seriously in this city, and places such as Harpina and Restaurant Ivo serve up some great Croatian cuisine. Add to that the once thriving fishing industry, sampling some of the local fresh seafood is a must. During the summer months, the beach strip lights up at night, with many bars and clubs to choose from. A lots of the bars and restaurants are overlooking the marina and beach, providing tourists with the laid back coastal atmosphere that is so sought after.

Photo courtesy of Istria Sun

Photo of Visit Makarska - Tours, Activities and Things to do by Maya Weber


For people who prefer a little more activity on their vacation, there certainly is plenty to choose from. The city is surrounded by the Biokovo mountains that are wonderful to ramble on and explore. They also provide a temperate climate for the city below. For this reason, biking, walking, paragliding and many sea activities are done in the area. The company Parasailing Makarska offer tours for those interested in seeing the city from high above the sea. Scaling some of the mountains can also give a breathtaking view of Makarska from above. There are also many small villages that can be reached such as Makar or Veliko brdo, these again provide stunning views and an invigorating walk.

Photo of Visit Makarska - Tours, Activities and Things to do by Maya Weber

Places to Stay

Since the early 20th century, the tourism industry has steadily grown, and with it, a surge in the building of hotels and apartments in Makarska. The beach is full of luxury hotels and apartments to stay in, the price range varying, so no matter the budget, something can be found close to the beach. There are also options to stay a little further inland, this may be more in line with people who want to feel the culture, and stay in the old quaint cobbled streets of the town center.

As a destination for tourism this place is excellent. Part of the "Croatian Riviera" this serene, picturesque and fascinating little city has a little something for all types of tourists.

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