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26th Jun 2017
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A popular saying in India "Atithi Devo Bhava'' which means Guests are like God. It is in the blood of India to welcome everyone with open arms. No matter who they are, what their citizenship or from where they belong to. Humanity exists on this mother earth where every person treats the country like his own mother.

For many people, traveling limits to only sightseeing, staying at hotels, eating out, shopping, and always making sure you see a location's major attraction. But for some of us, we want to experience differently. Travelling is one of the important aspects of life where instead of listening to a tour guide, we would like to past major landmarks on a bus, we want to chat with street vendors and haggle over a dish we've never heard of before.

Volunteer in India offers the opportunity of meeting new people and also opens up our minds to new perspectives. It helps us in immersing into its culture as a part of a local population. Until we take the initiative to know its real significance till then we will not be able to adapt ourselves to its color and remain separate from its local people.

Trust me, if you want to get out of the tourist circuit and experience a side of India considers volunteering with wildlife conservation. With this project, volunteers work alongside conservationists to help with ecological research on biodiversity and additionally you will also live alongside locals, eating homemade Indian delicious food and get to know more about day to day life of India.

In addition, for a traveler internship in India is also a good option to build a strong foundation for getting engaged intelligently with the diverse working atmosphere of India. Gaining knowledge through volunteering is a value added advantages to get inside deeply into its heritage roots. India is one of the best countries offering an incredible opportunity to students for gain valuable work experience.

Hindi Learning is an ideal solution if you are considering learning as the first step for breaking the mold of hesitation in publicly along with interacting with local residents. It's a gesture of goodwill that you will build among local people of India they will also relate you with them and find them comfortable while interacting with you. Locals appreciate tourists who at least make effort to speak their language.

No matter where you go from on any part of the world- travel can be a lot more rewarding when you go with flow into the local way of life. The great thing is you can Volunteer like a local can be so much more enriching for as little or as long as you like than traveling like a tourist.

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