Wah Taj !

21st Mar 2019

My hometown is Agra and I have recently visited my city back so I thought of taking some pictures of something for which people travel across the World. Taj Mahal is famous all around the World for its amazing architecture and the history. Won't go much in history, here's a wikipedia link for that.

How to reach Agra ?

Since Agra doesn't has a commercial Airport so the best way possible to reach Agra is by train or bus. There are several buses and trains that run daily between the two cities. The most cheapest way is to book second seating (2S) in Taj Express or Intercity express. And the most luxurious way is travel by Gatiman Express. All these are from Delhi.

Taj Mahal !

Best locations to see Taj Mahal-

1. Get a entry ticket to Taj Mahal itself but remember it remains closed on Friday every week. There are 3 categories of tickets - for domestic citizens, foreign citizens and citizens from SAARC nations. You can check the updated price from this official link of Taj Mahal.

2. Head to Mehtaab Bagh and you will see the views like this. Tip: There are two options here either enter the location by buying the ticket or walk along the lane right of the gate to enter the Mehtaab Bagh and you'll see Taj Mahal from there.

3. Head towards the western gate and you'll find boat ride so you could capture the reflection of Taj on the River Yamuna. Although it is not legal but people do go in the early mornings.

4. There is a watch tower near the western gate and you could go up to the watch tower and pay a price of 50rs for the same.

5. Bonus: There are many cuts along the river Yamuna from where you can get a decent shot with reflection.

6. View from Red Fort. It is believed that when Shahjahan was imprisoned he used to watch Taj from Red Fort.

Photo of Wah Taj ! 1/5 by Swarnveer
Taj Mahal from Mughal Garden
Photo of Wah Taj ! 2/5 by Swarnveer
Taj Mahal from Mehtab bagh
Photo of Wah Taj ! 3/5 by Swarnveer
Inside Red Fort
Photo of Wah Taj ! 4/5 by Swarnveer
Photo of Wah Taj ! 5/5 by Swarnveer
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