Wanderlust that never ends!!

12th Sep 2015

September was never the same. Yes it was out of body experience as I am a travel luster .Family was with me but who cares when you are out. In this world of rat race you can only do this on a long weekend, do even I have to mention this. Nevertheless here I am with my one more travel memoir seeking to fulfill my whatsapp status ‘wanderlust’, my husband hates me for it. Four wheels booked and we hit the road. Travel without food is like marriage without sex. I heard a voice from backseat it has to be “highway king”. If it is your 1st time J then you just follow and do it, you know what I am saying. The eating time was filled with noises and few burps, that’s my contribution. The meal was sumptuous but not good for a food quote for this memoir.

The 1st pit stop was for zip-lining at the fort known in the people world as ‘Neemrana’. The stay was brief for one night and a day but experiences transported me out of this world. As to mention I could fly in the mountains, had hair raising experience with classical dances etc. You cannot draw an analogy between adventure and cultural experience. They stand out. It was 1st again for me, how boring my life had been you must be wondering but it’s never too late. Zip-lining across mountains gave me a Salman Khan ‘Kick’ to crave for more adventures. As we moved on our four wheels we reached the pinkest city Jaipur. As I could only come out of the star gazing experience of Neemrana, here we are in the world of royalty. The list included Amer fort, Chokhi dhani, Hawa mahal, Nahargarh fort etc. Done and dusted! But what stole the show for me was the amalgamation of colors I could see in people eyes and in the market. So I went shopping and resultant a dent in my husband pocket as he could barely be a spectator. The stay was terse and we could only take handful of memories as I see it but others disagree as in my family. You will get few chances in this world to eat, love and travel. I don’t want to miss any of them and dare any of you miss it J I am watching as the ‘big brother’ says. So get up and dance on the ‘floor of travelers’ and draw stories to share as a part of your legacy. Please find attached the evidences as required on my Instagram page @ ankitalau.

When you are awed by a place so much that you loose your words.

All the forts embraces the grandeur and majestic history of India

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