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The Internet has really changed the way we are right now, it changed many things even our movie experience. Everything about movies from promotion to watching could all be done online.

Movies could easily be accessed by anyone with the availability online movie streaming sites. Movies could be easily watched online through them. There are many online movie streaming sites and you could even watch them for free.

The success of this movies is through proper advertising. They are many ways that movies could be advertised and since almost everything could be done online because of the internet, movie promotions are also done through it.

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The best way of promoting movies online is through the use of social media. There are many movies that were proved to be successful with social media promotions. Social media can be access by almost everyone and it is the best way because almost every user could see it. But how does social do its work and how movies are promoted?

What do social media do?

The only thing needed to be done is to post any movie promotions on the social online. Tagging someone would mean that there would be someone that could view it. The movie promotions will then be shared with others, so they could view it. The continuous sharing would mean that there would be more people who can view the content.

What can be posted on social media?

Everything can be posted on social media from the making of the movie up to the viewer's reactions.

• Sneak peaks about the movie could be posted on social media. In this way, the people would know who would act on their favorite characters on their most waited movies. revealing the actors and actresses to the people would mean a lot. The fans would surely want to watch movies online from their favorites actor and actress.

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• The movie behind the scenes could also be posted on social media for promotions. It makes the people become more interested in the movie by showing how amazing the movie is done. They could show where a certain scene was shoot, the special effects done, and everything they do make the movie better.

• This is the most important thing. A movie would not be complete without the movie trailers. Sharing them on social media is the best way to reach more people.

• Posting the viewers reaction on social media is also a good way to promote the movies. sharing movie experience would make other people curious about the movie and make them watch the movie.

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