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Way to peace and power: Lahaul and Spiti

19th Sep 2014

Way to Kunzum Pass

Photo of Way to Kunzum Pass by Aashu @ Shrivastava

Bike ride Trip

Photo of Bike ride Trip by Aashu @ Shrivastava

Fighting with lauhal roads

Photo of Fighting with lauhal roads by Aashu @ Shrivastava

Beautiful chandratal lake with mirror image

Photo of Beautiful chandratal lake with mirror image by Aashu @ Shrivastava

Map of trip

Photo of Map of trip by Aashu @ Shrivastava

Shimla View

Photo of Shimla View by Aashu @ Shrivastava

Flags of Peace & Beauty

Photo of Flags of Peace & Beauty by Aashu @ Shrivastava

Cloud as a Blanket of Chandratal Valley

Photo of Cloud as a Blanket of Chandratal Valley by Aashu @ Shrivastava

Symbol of Purety

Photo of Symbol of Purety by Aashu @ Shrivastava

One of the World Most Toughest Terrain

Photo of One of the World Most Toughest Terrain by Aashu @ Shrivastava

Chandratal Camping

Photo of Chandratal Camping by Aashu @ Shrivastava

Morning after -4 degree night

Photo of Morning after -4 degree night by Aashu @ Shrivastava

Tarmac with water terrain

Photo of Tarmac with water terrain by Aashu @ Shrivastava

Tabo Monestary

Photo of Tabo Monestary by Aashu @ Shrivastava

Selfie @4500 meters, Kunzum pass

Photo of Selfie @4500 meters, Kunzum pass by Aashu @ Shrivastava
Photo of by Aashu @ Shrivastava

"A Dream trip - Law of universe"

On 25th July 2014, me and my friends were chilling at a party. I said something and everybody came to their senses. "Bro I want to celebrate my upcoming birthday on 22nd September at Chandtratal, or any where in Valley via off-road," I said. Everybody looked at me like I was an alien. That was normal for me because I am a passionate traveller and photographer.

Two weeks passed after this incident. A friend who is an avid traveller called me for a trip ,and it was my Law of Universe which made this trip to Lauhal-Spiti. First I was surprised after listening that my trip was automatically planned.

After a long conversation with my friend we decided to go Lauhal-Spiti, but there was a problem like every dreams faces. They wanted to go with Mahindra Thar but I wanted with Royal Enfield. Now we both concluded with a point that some of my friends would travel in Thar and I would travel by Bike.

Now on 19th Of Sept,2014, I traveled from Bhopal to Delhi via train, Then on 20th of Sept travelled from Delhi to Shimla via bus, Reached Shimla in the evening Then hired a Bike of Royal Enfield and Checked out all engines/machines/tubes/oil properly working or not.

Next day at 5:30am i woke up ,& after setting up all my luggage on bike with filled petrol cane, I started my Journey. "Manali-Rohtang-Keylong-Chandratal-Kunzumpass-Kibber-Pinnvalley-Kaza-Dhankar-Tabo-Nako-rekong peo-Shimla-Delhi"

After fulfilled My dream with my friends and Valleys, i am more confident with anything. That was my Awesome Experience with Solitary valleys/Lakes/Roads which push you and birth Jizz in you to thinking about yourself. Nice place, people and environment.

Personal Recommendations-

If anybody are felling anything wrong in their life, If you are feeling Low, less confident about anything or want to explore yourself,

Then GOOD, it is a right time to Pack your bag and travel to Lauhal-Spiti Trip.

You will be more confident and more self concentrated. You will be a person as your Heart need & want.


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