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Help Alleviate Poverty

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In the past few years, I had a chance to visit many places in India. While traveling, I got acquainted with the hardships people of the people living in different regions.

Here are a few measures I do follow anytime I travel:

1. Don't Bargain Down the Price

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I went to Shikharji, the highest mountain in Giridih district of Jharkhand. It is a pilgrimage place of Jains where most of the Jain Monks achieved Moksha. Devotees do the pilgrimage of Shikharji of the total(round-trip) 27kms by foot. There are also "doli's" carried by four "doliwallas" who take you through the pilgrimage. I remember they asked for around 6000 bucks. People were bargaining to this price. One of my close relative with a similar mindset to me took a doli without negotiation. At the end of the day, he gave extra bucks to the doliwallas who carried a weight of 80kgs on their shoulders to make her visit the holy place. While conversing on the way, the doliwallas told them, they can earn only during season times, and when no devotees are visiting the area, they have to use their saved money for the living. I was just perplexed by the hard work they have to do for money.

We all pay extra to such hard working humans. This can help them financially. If you don't want to give extra money, at least don't bargain.

2. Financially Helping an Individual

We can pay extra to the needy for the services you take from them. On the same pilgrimage, I had my yatra done bare feet. In the evening when I returned, my legs were paining. The local ladies while on the way back asked if I want to get a leg massage. She told me she would charge only 30 bucks for 15mins. During the massage, I had a conversation with her about how they sustain themselves and their family. After the talk, I gave her some extra bucks. She blessed me and went happily.

3. Helping the needy while traveling

A few months back, I went to "Mata Chintapurni" with my family. On the way to the holy temple, our car tyre got punctured. It was night time. We stopped the car in the middle. There was a small "chai khokha." The guy helped us with changing the tyre. The guy seemed very poor with his clothing and physical appearance. When we left, we handed some money and a big thanks to the Guy. The Guy was bidding us farewell with a hearty smile.

4. Visit the local's house and help them accordingly.

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Last year, I had a chance to visit a resort in the village region of a place near Koti(near Kufri). During my stay, we walked down to the nearby tuck shops in the evening and saw a few houses in the area. We just went through the places, checked the life of locals. We get to understand the difficulties faced by these people due to hard availability of the essentials required for living. The people were very welcoming. While bidding farewell to the people, we helped them with some money.

5. Buy Stuff from the streets

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While on a trip, whenever we go to street shopping, buying some handicrafts and other artistic items, I always prefer to purchase exciting things from local crafts. These guys fight against bad weather, crimes on the road, traffic to sell their work. Buying from them will not only help them financially, but also it will boost them for their work.

There are lots more instances encountered by me.

From next time, I am surely going to carry my old clothes and other stuff and distribute among the people. There are lots more measures we can take while traveling to help the poor and the needy.

Keep Sharing and Keeping the Humanity Alive.

Happy Traveling!!