Welcome to the World, Baby Turtle

Photo of Mirissa Beach, Mirissa, Southern Province, Sri Lanka by Prathima

I was lying on the Mirissa Beach, watching the sun call it a day and the waves call out to me. It was a truly blissful day, I had just spotted the blue whale that morning. Who knew my day was about to get even better.

A local ran up near us, his hands cupped, holding something. He lay the thing on the ground and watched it. When he saw me looking at him with curiousity, he said it was a baby turtle.

I jumped up like a crab had caught hold of my rear-end.

This little guy, along with a hundred others, had just hatched and I had the chance to watch it take its first steps ever.

The Oliver Ridley turtle is one of the most common species of turtles found in Sri Lanka. If you’re ever on the beach and happen to see turtle eggs hatching or baby turtles crawling to the sea, consider yourself blessed – It’s a rare and beautiful sight.

A little further up, other locals were releasing all the turtles into the ocean. I caught a little bit of it on video.

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