Whales @ Goa!!

13th Jan 2018
Day 1

Guys u heard it right experience a relaxing fun filled dolphin safari to spot wild dolphins in Arabian sea is possible in the vibes of Goa only.
If you are in Goa then it is mandate to visit this safari where u can see the whales. As a kid I always have this fascination for exploring this whale safari and finally the time came to explore it. Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins and finless porpoises are the commonest species you will find here and watching them frolicking in the Arabian sea is one of the wowest moment.

This fun filled dolphin safari is for 45 minutes and you can also enjoy while star gazing at millionaire’s Palace ,aquada Fort, the Portuguese Jail and Asia’ first light house. while you get immersed in feasting your eyes with these pods of darlings. These little babies will never leave you bored and watch your stress melt away with their cuteness.

We took a boat or you can say a small ferry for the safari with all the precautions like life jacket, not sitting close to boat end and everything... As and when we move ahead the water became more pure because we were moving far from the city and the view and experience was so calm, peace, mesmerizing guys u can say simple just wow!!

During the sail our eyes checked out some Indo – Pacific Humpback dolphins and shy Finless Porpoises. They are grey coloured with pink patches. And apart from these two we watched  humpback dolphins and they are called so because of the  hump behind their dorsal fin. They are one of the most social and friendly species of Dolphins.
Some of the best time to visit these safari is  October to May.

Guys if you are in Goa then skip all other places and have experience of this safari!!

Photo of Goa, India by ayushi kabra
Photo of Goa, India by ayushi kabra
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