What Actually Has Happened to Me During the 2500KM Solo Driving in Thailand (SIAM)

2nd Apr 2018
Day 1
Day 2

I’ve decided to solo travel from Penang, Malaysia to Thailand (Danok, Hatyai, Trang, Krabi, Phuket, etc..) and I would like to share my unforgettable experience to you guys!

In these 4 vlogs, I’ve visited:

Chapter 1 Vlog:

1) Danok

2) Hatyai Backpacker Hostel

3) Hatyai

4) Khlong Hae Floating Market

4) Hatyai Park

Chapter 2 Vlog:

1) Chao Mai National Park

2) Chao Mai Beach

3) Pak Up hostel at Krabi

4) Phi Phi Island

Chapter 3 Vlog:

Day 3

1) Tiger Cave Temple

2) Ao Nang Beach at Krabi

3) Fin Hostel Phuket Coworking Space

4) Ai Phuket Hostel

5) Patong Beach

6) Balcony Party Hostel

Chapter 4 vlog:

Day 16

1) Long Beach at Koh Lanta Island

2) Balco Hostel

3) Khaw Mai Khew Cave

4) Hatyai Park

5) Laem Samila Beach at Songkhla

6) Aree Hostel Hatyai

I captured the footsteps along the journey, and serve as guide for the viewers on what to expect during the trip. If you like the videos, then please help to share to your pals who love adventure too, and drop any question if you have at below!