What Are the Advantages of VPN and Leased Line?


If you are a bit troubled as to what type of service you want for your company, whether VPN or Leased Line, then we'll present to you the benefits of the two. You will know more about VPN and Leased Line so that you can make a good decision on what service to choose.

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VPN vs. Leased Line

Firstly, VPN provides encryption and authentication whereas Leased Line provides for connectivity. In essence, you can encrypt data and stop unauthorized users from one data center to another using VPN technology. However, with Leased Line, you will be able to access your data from one place to another. For example, if you have an office in London and Manchester, then you can encrypt data that flows from your London office to your Manchester office as well as encrypt data from the said offices to the homes of the employees working from home. However, in Leased Line, you can simply link the London office to your Manchester office to access data.

What are the benefits of VPN and Leased Line?

Basically, these two technologies offer a lot of great deals. this site shows you how you can make balance the benefits of the two in determining what service to choose.

For VPN, the primary benefit you can get from this technology is the fact that it offers security. You can be assured that your data is protected and remains confidential as the data flows from different mediums including your offices, data canters as well as the employees, staff and other authorized remote users. For Leased Line, there are also tons of great benefits. Firstly, it offers faster connectivity than VPN. Also, you can enjoy unlimited usage with no monthly quota. Let's face it, the internet often implements 'fair usage' cap which limits our data access of the internet. As for the right of staff working from home, this right only finds applicability with VPN. There is no equivalent option for Leased Line as the same can be very expensive providing links to employee’s homes.

What are the difference between VPN and Leased Line?

Other than the availability of the right of staff working at home to access data, there are still other glaring differences between the two. First, VPNs are relatively cheaper than Leased Lines. Depending on your preference and the need of your business enterprise, you can either choose a VPN or Leased Line. If you have 20 employees whom you want to give access to office data while they are at home, then VPN is your ideal choice. However, if you don't require your employees work at home or if you only want them to access office data in authorized offices, then Leased Line is your choice.

In all these, cost and productivity should be your primary considerations in choosing what service to use. For example, BTNet Leased Line and other leading service providers offer reasonable value with their service. Again, security should also be your utmost concern so make sure to ask your service provider as to their security protocols.

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