Dubai: Experience of a lifetime



Photo of Dubai: Experience of a lifetime by Niraj Soni


Photo of Dubai: Experience of a lifetime by Niraj Soni


Photo of Dubai: Experience of a lifetime by Niraj Soni


Photo of Dubai: Experience of a lifetime by Niraj Soni


Photo of Dubai: Experience of a lifetime by Niraj Soni

Dubai. This beautifully branded name has become so popular, I bet it is a dart on every travelers map, a name which tops everyone's list of "Places to visit in a lifetime." Trust me, it is totally worth it. Dubai has me mesmerized so badly that it has been my home for over a year now.
To start with names like Burj Khalifa, Madinat Jumeirah, Desert Safari, Ferrari World, The Dubai Mall, Jumeirah Beach, the list is endless. There are so many exclusive places and so many experiences to have in Dubai which you can never have anywhere in the world. Starting with my first flight ever, and going to one of the best travel destinations, it was an experience of a lifetime.
The major attractions here are:

At the top, Burj Khalifa:

Standing atop the tallest building in the world - Check.
What a jaw dropping experience. There I was, standing next to the tallest building in the world. It is next to impossible to take your eyes off it. The ultramodern architecture, the beauty of the sun reflecting on the tower and the skies above, all take you to a different space.
The breathtaking view from 124th floor of the world’s tallest tower is simply mind numbing. The high speed elevator lets you on a rush instantly, and when the doors open, I bet you will just say "WOW'. Floor to ceiling glass walls provide an unobstructed view of the magnificent desert city.
You just cannot imagine what it must be like unless you are there. The falcon eye's view lets you in on a great perspective of the city (level 125). One you cannot miss.

The Dubai Fountain:

The world’s largest dancing fountain, any further description required? I guess not. This is one another major experience which was truly amazing. The amount of perfection and precision with which the fountain works is unimaginable. The fountain shoots water jets as high as 500 ft, equivalent to that of a 50 storey building.
 Over 6,600 WET Superlights and 25 colour projectors create a visual spectrum of over 1,000 abstract attractions. The beam of light shining upwards from the fountain can be seen from over 20 miles away, and will be visible from space making it the brightest spot in the Middle East, and quite possibly in the entire world.

Bastakia (Old Dubai):

One will find the explorers, the historians and the photographer kind here. Built in the late 19th century, Bastakia occupies the eastern portion of Bur Dubai. The creeks, the corals and limestone buildings here, many with walls topped with wind-towers, have been excellently preserved.
Lined with distinct Arabian architecture, narrow lanes are highly evocative of a bygone, and much slower, age in Dubai's history. The majis gallery and the XVA gallery are worth the time with very unique and different types of contemporary art collection.

Dubai Marina:

Known as the Manhattan of Middle East, walking around in Dubai Marina just makes you feel posh. The luxury 5 star hotels, lavish villas, jaw dropping yachts and the Dubai Marina mall, all lives up to its name. One will envy the chic urban lifestyle of the people living here.

Skydive Dubai:

For the adrenaline junkies, this is a treat. This experience will surely take your breath away when you jump off a plane at 210 km/hr. Sounds insane!
Skydive Dubai offers a unique experience the moment you walk in. With a drop zone area size of 260000m and a runway area size of 60m x 700m. You will jump from 13,000 ft, which will give you almost a minute of free fall. Plus, the view of the palm islands and marina, it’s just eye-popping experience.

I can keep on writing more and more about this adventurous place and the space here won’t finish. But I rather suggest you pack your bags light, book your tickets and explore the glorious Dubai. Its best recommended you go during winter season.

Simply Mesmerizing!
Photo of Marina Walk, Dubai Marina - دبي - United Arab Emirates by Niraj Soni
Photo of Marina Walk, Dubai Marina - دبي - United Arab Emirates by Niraj Soni
Adrenaline rush!
Photo of Skydive Dubai, Al Sufouh - Dubai - دبي - United Arab Emirates by Niraj Soni
Photographer's paradise.
Photo of Bastakiya, Al Hamriya,Bur Dubai - دبي - United Arab Emirates by Niraj Soni
Different perspective to Dubai.
Photo of At the Top, 124th Floor, Burj Khalifa, Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai - دبي - United Arab Emirates by Niraj Soni
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