What is American Airlines basic economy fares and how top avail the best holiday packages?


American Airlines is providing various flight fares for its passengers in both economy and business class. Based on the requirements airlines is providing economy based cheap flight tickets and also various holiday packages for various seasons. Basic economy is the new low price fare offerings that is available now since March, 2017. These tickets are providing exposure to experience American’s network with the option to pay for the services.

Other than availing a comfortable seat in the Main Cabin and enjoying free snacks, soft drinks, and in-flight entertainment, the passenger or traveler should know about the restrictions during the travel –

No extra carry-on luggage is allowed for storage in the overhead compartment. A gate fee charge in addition to standard checked bag fee will be assessed, if arriving at the gate with a carry-on luggage that doesn’t fit under the seat.

No refunds are allowed in of ticket change request or ticket cancellation. It includes request for the same day confirmed flight change or for standby travel.

For per flown mile, there is reduced Elite Qualification Miles (EQMs) and Elite Qualification Segments (EQSs) – 0.5 miles are earned.

Non-elite customers will be re-accommodated on American or Joint Business partner airlines in case of any irregular options.

Seat selections are offered at 48 hours prior to the departure and no paid or complimentary flight upgrades are allowed.

There is no priority access and boarding pass reflects the last boarding group.

Basic economy will be initially offered in selected domestic flights and fares & rules will be filled in ATPCO.

The basic economy fares cannot be combined with any other type of private or public fares and the fares will be limited to AA prime flight.

The fare tickets will be sold on American Airlines ticket stock and the basic economy fares will have a fare type code of ‘EOU’.

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