What Is Cosmetic Surgery?


Nobody's perfect. As cliché© as it is, it is an unpleasant fact that we can never correct. Not only are we born to make mistakes, but we are also born with certain flaws that could either go away or become more pronounced as days pass. For instance, there are people born with a small mole on their face, something that, to a person's horror, could grow in size as he or she matures. However, many people have found a way around imperfections of the body through cosmetic surgery. What is cosmetic surgery?

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Well, this surgical procedure can improve the appearance of a person easily and conveniently. Many people who have excessive body fats, wrinkles, unwanted body hair, and the likes have found cosmetic surgery to be the ultimate solution to their problems. A cosmetic surgeon usually relies on the help of a medical esthetician to get some of the job done.

An esthetician works alongside cosmetic surgeons and other medical professionals with the purpose of using their skills to help with things like facial treatments, etc. An esthetician job salary can be good, which is why many want to try it out, especially those who want to venture into the field of cosmetic surgery but have not undergone the right training or education.

Weighing the pros and cons of something as monumental as a cosmetic procedure is necessary. Ask yourself the following:

1. Do I really need it?

2. Why should I even consider it?

3. How will my loved ones feel about my decision to go under the knife?

4. Would the procedure hurt?

5. Will I feel better afterwards?

6. Am I ready for it?

Furthermore, you could pore over cosmetic surgery statistics just to see how many people believe in it, doubt its effectiveness, or have actually undergone cosmetic procedures. Some people think there are many cosmetic surgeons because it's one of the highest paying jobs out there. However, a survey conducted in 2011 showed that more than 50% of Americans approved of cosmetic surgery. Of those who responded to the survey, about 52% of people with an income of under $25,000 believed in cosmetic surgery and about 29% of these people would consider cosmetic surgery for themselves.

The numbers speak for themselves. However, more than these statistics, there are other reasons why a person might consider getting facial cosmetic surgery. A low level of self-esteem could make a person miss wonderful opportunities. These opportunities could be work-related or personal, and sometimes, missing these opportunities could cause heartbreaks. More often than not, a low self-esteem is caused by a flaw or imperfection on a person's body, which is easily visible to others. This flaw could make one feel overly self-conscious, making a person feel better off staying at home and sulking.

Nevertheless, through cosmetic surgery, the flaw would be taken care of. As a result, a person would start noticing an improvement in her self-worth and self-confidence, which no amount of beauty tips can top. A person would be able to socialize better and go after opportunities she may have shied away from in the past. Therefore, when someone asks you the question, "What is cosmetic surgery?" and you happened to have undergone one, you would be able to answer with your head held high, "It's a great way to improve one's life and restore lost self-confidence."