What is the best position to sleep?


Adopting the best sleeping position is essential in order to have a good night's sleep and recover physical and mental stress during the day.

When we are lying in bed and sleeping, our body is in fact very vulnerable, since it can remain frozen in a bad position for hours with negative consequences on waking and during the day.

If we do not take care, waking up can quickly turn out to be the most painful moment of the day: pain everywhere, body aches, we know we should get out of bed so that it calms down a bit but we It does not happen right away, and the ill-being is getting worse.

We often tend to charge the mattress , sometimes rightly, but sometimes wrong.

Before replacing mattresses, it is important to ensure that the best position for sleeping is adopted.

One must be aware that when one suffers from various pain (back pain, neck, shoulders or aching arms), the lying position will only increase the sensation of pain, simply because of the law of the scent. We are devoted to delivering the present helpful resources and fresh understandings from specialists who can aid recover your lifestyle, read website : www.backaware.com/pillow-for-side-sleepers/

The parts of the body which hurt us are generally the parts which undergo the most pressure (pressure due to the weight of the body itself).

The pressure of which one is not aware when all is well, but when it starts to hurt somewhere, if one does not pay attention, it settles down, and it does not leave any more.

In the video, Postured (physiotherapist and posture specialist) shows us some of the things to do and not to do when we lie down and when we get out of bed.

The best position to sleep on the side

If one sleeps on the side, it is necessary to be equipped with a few cushions which will act as support to several strategic places of the body.

A pillow not too high or too low that keeps the head and neck well in line with the spine.

A second cushion that serves as an armrest: you are not aware of this, but the position of the arms influences the whole area of the shoulders, neck, upper back muscles, trapezius, etc. and as the arms are heavy, if Are not at the correct height in relation to the shoulders, they will fall on the mattress, and this causes bad posture and tensions throughout the upper body: You wake up every morning with painful shoulders and neck?

Look for the arms!

A positioning cushion can prove effective, especially for pregnant women and young mothers.

The positioning cushion promotes the maintenance of the bust, pelvis and thighs and relieves pressure on the skin and the tissues.

The thickness of the balls that make up the inside of the positioning cushion should be carefully considered. If the balls are too large, they may crash fairly quickly, and the cushion loses effectiveness.

Finally, a cushion between the legs (knees and thighs) keeps the hips well aligned and also avoids that the knees of the top do not come to weigh on the knees of the bottom and support permanently where it hurts: Is the cushion that will take the pressure caused by the upper leg.

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