What to expect when you set out to Chase snowfall? 


I come across a lot of people who are interested in witnessing snowfall during the winter months, I have taken a few along with me to chase snowfall but there were always complaints and cribbing I get to hear from the people I travel with, so this is a guide/first-hand experience of preparing yourself for snowfall and what to expect when you go on such a trip.

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Be prepared to feel the cold!

It is going to be really chilly, because snowfall mostly happens in negative temperatures and the only thing you can do is to wrap yourself up in proper clothes. So complaining about the cold isn’t going to help you at all, eat right and wear right clothes.

Be prepared to do the hard work

Snow means things are going to get tough, roads are going to get blocked and there is a chance that you will have to walk your ways, since it would be really difficult for vehicles to move. So be prepared to walk long distances carrying your stuff.

Water is going to be an Issue

Snowfall means sub-zero temperature and sub-zero temperatures means that liquids will freeze that means running water is not going to be available, going to toilet and washing yourself is going to be tough than usual.

Sleep cautiously

If you are setting up heater in your room, you will have to sleep with your window open, even if this means that cold wind are going to sneak in, because closed spaces could lead to suffocation and lack of oxygen. Even without the heater try to sleep with a cracked window otherwise there would be a blanket of water everywhere inside the room, even on your blanket too.

Going to see a snowfall is a tough job, if you are trekking you will have to equip yourself with all the gear needed, never neglect small things, always carry gloves and caps, carry multiple socks. And yes do not forget to enjoy the white blessings from heaven.

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