What You Need to Consider When Buying Hydraulic Fittings?


How Versatile Is It?

Whenever you are looking to buy hydraulic pipe fittings for your project, there are many things that you should take into consideration, to ensure that you are getting the best one for you and your needs. The first of those questions is how versatile the piece is going to be. It is also going to be a question that will be answered by where your location is. Different parts are going to be the "norm" in your area and will work better than others. It is, of course, subjective to wherever you are at the moment.

How Available Is It?

Similarly to the question of how versatile product is, the availability of a piece is going to depend largely on where your spot as of the moment. If you are in North America, you are going to deal much more with JIC and NPT fittings, whereas in the UK BSP fittings are going to be more available. When purchasing, regardless of where you are at, check to see what kind of part you need, never assume anything.

What Pressure Rating Does It Have?

Load ratings are going to depend on the need of your project largely. You will need to check to see just what pressure levels you need your hydraulic pipe fittings to be able to accommodate before you make the decision on which ones are going to be the best option for you. JIC fittings and NPT fittings are going to have much lower, and much less tested, pressure levels and ratings than DIN fittings. Again, this is primarily going to depend on the project that you are trying to complete rather than the standard you want to achieve.

What Applications Does It Have?

Some fittings are going to be better suited for certain applications, and one should not use it in other applications. It is going to be very largely dependent on the project that you have, and the needs and expectations you are going to have for the fitting. There is an easy way to remember the various factors that must be taken into consideration when thinking about which fitting will be appropriate for the application. You can use the STAMP acronym to determine what your application is going to require of the fitting in questions:

- Size

- Temperature

- Application

- Media

- Pressure

How Reliable Is It?

Of course, you are going to want and needsome highly reliable hydraulic pipe fittings for your project. Precise fittings are known to last longer than others, especially in specific contexts. It will all depend on the exact context of the application.

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