When I thought I lost everything, I found it in Golden Temple! #lifechangingtrip

21st Nov 2018
Photo of Amritsar, Punjab, India by maitri dey

That's why we say " Rab Rakha "

It all started when I was going through one of those experiences of life where I was losing faith in everything - be it people, love or humanity. Being mummy's girl, it was hard for me to plan a trip without her. But I had to get out of there.
And that's what I did. With a heart wrenching feeling, I left home and my first destination was AMRITSAR!

It was my first time in Amritsar and the city welcomed me with a positive vibe. The vibe which made me believe that good things are on it's way. And it was proved when I reached Golden Temple. At first glance, I knew I'll be leaving this place without any regrets.

Photo of When I thought I lost everything, I found it in Golden Temple! #lifechangingtrip by maitri dey

The mesmerizing reflection of Golden Temple on 'amrit sarovar' filled my heart with immense happiness. It felt like my heart finally found a home!


* The temple has four entrances as the temple welcomes visitors from every direction regardless of their caste, gender, religion and community.

* One has to enter the temple complex by washing their feet and the good thing is that they don't charge for keeping shoes.

*One has to keep their head covered inside the temple complex as it shows spirituality and respect towards their culture.

* There is no other type of booking for preferential darshan which means there is no special treatment even to the head of a country. It also means that people there are treated equally despite of being rich or poor.

* Even in langar, everyone sits on the floor in rows where food is served irrespective of visitor's social and economic background.

* Cheerful black- orange fishes that swam across the 'amrit sarovar', were like those naughty kids which played hide and seek.

Photo of When I thought I lost everything, I found it in Golden Temple! #lifechangingtrip by maitri dey


1. People who volunteered in serving food and water to visitors, restored my faith in humanity as they were serving without expecting anything in return.

2. People who respected and maintained the norms made me believe that genuine people still exist. It's their belief in God, which showed me positive aspect of people.

3. Simplicity and serenity of this place proved that love exists where peace exists. Love is not the feeling which makes our heart beat faster, rather it's the one that calms our mind and soul. Just like talking to our mother on a bad day makes us calmer.

Photo of When I thought I lost everything, I found it in Golden Temple! #lifechangingtrip by maitri dey

So, I can say I was destined to be there not only to find my answers but also to find myself.

This journey taught me to have patience with situations, people, my fate and my heart. Whatever is mine, will come to me anyway. What I deserve, I'll get it anyway. Life is not only about getting a ticket and trying to reach a destination without any hurdles. Rather it's a journey where we face difficulties, we don't get what we want, we don't get a seat beside our favourite people all the time. But we accept it anyway.
All we need is patience to reach the destination while enjoying this journey called LIFE.

We start looking at the world through different perspective as we travel.
My former feeling of losing everything took me to a journey which I'll never forget and now I'm not afraid of losing anymore. Because I know
" Before time and more than destiny, we get nothing "