Where to Go On Your Second Harry Potter-themed Holiday


True to the books they were inspired from, major parts of the Harry Potter movies were filmed in real-life locations scattered across England and Scotland. Harry Potter fans that have already had their fill of Hogwarts and the steam train, should also try to squeeze in these destinations into their Harry Potter-themed itinerary or come back for a second trip to relive their Pottermania.

King’s Cross Station in London, England

The most iconic Harry Potter location is the King’s Cross Station in London, which dates back to 1852. Potter fans will love that the station has embraced its role in the Harry Potter stories by adding the Platform 9 3/4th sign and a trolley that is half-pushed into the wall, which make for great holiday photographs. You can also shop for exclusive Harry Potter-themed memorabilia at the gift store, such as time turner necklaces and other Hogwarts artefacts. We recommend that you skip trying to run through the wall to reach the train that chugs away to Hogwarts!

The London Zoo in England

The Burmese python that Harry communicated with in the Reptile House revealed his ability to speak in and understand parseltongue, an important plot device that was used throughout the series (no spoilers!) You can visit the reptile enclave where this was shot, and peek at the snakes and reptiles that starred in the films. Be warned though that the snakes may not be as chatty as they were in the movies.

Millennium Bridge in London

Even if you aren’t a Potter fan in particular, the Millennium Bridge makes compulsory viewing for any visitor to London. A steel suspension bridge that transports pedestrians across the Thames River, the Millennium Bridge is famed for its stunning ‘blade of light’ design and for its role in the Harry Potter films. In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the bridge was torn apart by Voldemort’s Death Eaters. Visitors can walk across the bridge that has also featured in another Hollywood blockbuster – Guardians of the Galaxy.

Glencoe in Scotland

A glen of volcanic origins, Glencoe is located in the Highlands of Scotland. It is considered one of the most scenic spots in Scotland and is an emerald patch of tranquillity surrounded by precipitous mountains. The glen is named for the River Coe that runs through it. This site was used for several pivotal scenes in the Harry Potter movies, including Quidditch matches and Harry’s battle with a Hungarian Horntail dragon.

Loch Shiel in Scotland

The 28 km-long lake is known for its biodiversity – the lake is flanked by mountains in the north and a bog and rough pastures in the south. A ruined chapel is located on the biggest island in this lake, and the surrounding woodlands offer excellent trekking opportunities. Underwater moss meadows, trout and salmon can be found in the lake’s crystal clear shallows. The lake served as the Black Lake surrounding Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films. By booking a cruise package, Visitors can cruise through its waters to recreate the dramatic arrival of the Durmstrang to the Triwizard Tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and take in glorious views of the Scottish countryside.

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