Where tranquillity found home – Rishikesh

Photo of Where tranquillity found home – Rishikesh 1/10 by Nibedita Saha

Yes, I haven’t done river-rafting, neither rock climbing, I did not even go for trekking but came back with memories which I shall cherish till I make new ones. Rishikesh is known for its adventures and divine nature. I was thirsty for that divine beauty and Rishikesh quenched my thirst.

Rishikesh was on the top of my bucket list since long. I was planning this trip since months now but in reality, it all happened suddenly. One day, out of nowhere, I just packed my bags, boarded the bus and left.

How to reach: You can take a train from Delhi to Haridwar and then bus to Rishikesh. The bus will take 45-50 minutes at the most. And it is the cheapest way to reach the destination.

Alternatively, there is a direct bus from Delhi to Rishikesh, daily. The fare depends on the bus service providers which ranges from Rs 375-900. I took the bus, considering there was no time to book train tickets.

Photo of Where tranquillity found home – Rishikesh 2/10 by Nibedita Saha

I boarded the bus at 11:30 pm and reached Rishikesh at 5:45 am. I was very clueless about where to start my trip from. I was alone, never been to Rishikesh, so I took the help of Google Baba, set the navigation towards Triveni Ghat (which thanks to my months long research, I knew about) and started walking towards it. 

Photo of Where tranquillity found home – Rishikesh 3/10 by Nibedita Saha

The journey began with the heart-stopping view of the mountains covered with fog and the blithe river and the chirping of the birds… it was carefree!! The beauty, might and yet the tranquillity of the nature left me speechless and delighted.

Photo of Where tranquillity found home – Rishikesh 4/10 by Nibedita Saha

Around 6 in morning I saw some people performing spiritual rituals. I sat there on the stairs of the ghat for an hour to capture the picture of the sublime nature in my eyes.

Photo of Where tranquillity found home – Rishikesh 5/10 by Nibedita Saha

After this I left in search of a hotel. There are many pocket-friendly hostels and hotels available. It is completely up to your choice and there are many to choose from. I went for hotel initially because I had no idea about hostel facility. Just google it and make your pre-booking.

Photo of Where tranquillity found home – Rishikesh 6/10 by Nibedita Saha

After a shower, it was time for good food to make my stomach happy too. So, the next search was for eateries. My search ended at Madras Cafe near Ram Jhula. It is almost 55 years old and has its own interesting history. It was established as a Mom & Pop eatery in the year 1967 when the Beatles Band visited Rishikesh.

The food was amazing, specially the filter coffee and Dosa as they are the pioneers of South Indian food in Rishikesh. For the next three days, I did not look for another place.

Photo of Where tranquillity found home – Rishikesh 7/10 by Nibedita Saha

My list of things to do in Rishikesh did not have anything to do with the adventures part of the city. I was there at the city for spirituality and serenity. In search of nirvana, I sat at every place I visited for at least an hour and tried to fill in its air and feeling. I did not want to rush, I wanted the time to pass slowly and live every moment.

Photo of Where tranquillity found home – Rishikesh 8/10 by Nibedita Saha

Sitting on the banks of the Ganga river was one of those moments. I lost myself in the flow of the dazzling water, shining while the sun went down and then as it turned radiant at the first daylight. The mornings were energetic and the evenings were calm.

Photo of Where tranquillity found home – Rishikesh 9/10 by Nibedita Saha

The ‘lost’ me was blissful as the chilling breeze kissed me each time it blew across my face. As I put my feet in the freezing water and sat there at the Ghat for what seemed like seconds and centuries all at once. Those moments were so clam and quiet that I could hear my own heartbeat. 

Photo of Where tranquillity found home – Rishikesh 10/10 by Nibedita Saha

Only the lights of the vehicle passing through the Ram Jhula made me blink. The dark sky, sparkling water and the cold breeze felt like an artist was filling his canvas with brunette colours.

My soul was pleased and inspired with the vivacity. My bag was filled with fond memories. I coloured one more blank page of my docket. And I am back with reminiscence. The beautiful journey ended with satisfaction.