While in Meghalaya, do as Eastern do

21st Jan 2017
Photo of While in Meghalaya, do as Eastern do by Aditi Gupta


While in the East, do as the Eastern do! A small list of tips to a safe and feel luxary trip to Meghalaya:

1. Wake up early, otherwise you would be left with a short day as sun rises early in the east and sets early. If you are on a trip to the state of Meghalaya, and want to make maximum of your day, make maximum utilization of the day time.

There are less road lights and roads are highly curvy, with less security on the roadsides and you would want to travel safe may it be a self drive, a hired cab or a public transport.

2. Enjoy the Starry night, the night in Cherrapunjee and lower Meghalya is full of bright, shiny, glimmering stars and you would surely not want to loose a sight of it.

3. Feel safe, but don't be over confident. You are safe as a female traveler as Khasi's respect females, but if you show off your money you could be looted or killed. Roaming under the open sky is pleasant and safe, only thing endangers is wild animals.

4. Always, always carry an umbrella and a warm piece of clothing. Temperature changes with the speed a chameleon changes it's color - unexpectedly. But it is always beautiful.

5. People here start their day with very light breakfast such as tea & biscuits but have heavenly heavy lunch and dinner - full of pork and beef. So, if you are a vegetarian (like me), you shall be prepared for an unwelcoming meal and choose to eat biscuits or fruits, specifically when you are in remote areas.

6. People are warm and welcoming. Bargain wherever possible. They are super helpful to anyone. So, don't really make fool of their innocence, but tip them well and you wouldn't regret.

Happy Tripping.


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