Who am i and what do I do?


She Believed she could, so she did.♚✌

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A BIG hello to you all!:)

I am ANJALI SAHRAWAT and I am an Indian. I am 22 years old and I started travelling for my sports tournaments and NCC camps in the beginning but i didn't even realise when it became a passion. By the time i entered my college i started to feel like exploring  every place i heard about, be it a city, a village, a jungle or a mountains, where houses are covered in the snow or a desert. Never me, my family or my friends ever thought that the little interest of me into travelling during my college days would get me where i am today. Never i thought that I'd ever travel whole India solo and quit my job to travel the world. But I had one thing always in my mind which 'ROMAN PAYNE' said and i caught, "“Never did the world make a queen of a girl who hides in houses and dreams without traveling.”

And there are many people who asks me how do i do that? and i have just one thing to say, 'because I love it.' And that's even true. I'll keep writing more to tell you about how and what I am doing! To know about me a little below is my first you tube video! And this is my first YouTube video and I’m super super excited. I’ve shared a bit of who I am and I hope you guys like it.

That’s all for the “first YouTube video”

for any questions, Connect with me on Instagram @Anjali Sahrawat

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