Who will win the toss - Galaxy S9 or iPhone?


Samsung has recently launched a new flagship of 2017- Galaxy S8. Galaxy S8 has outstanding features- its charismatic camera, high-powered processor, music, videography, sensors, all are attracting features. The front camera has a resolution - 8Mn. The size of the matrix 1 / 3.6 "pixel size - 1.22mm. everyone demands a beautiful image, the camera of Galaxy S8 has Dual Primary camera of 12MP+12MP and 8MP front camera. It doesn’t end here. Today, we have to review the chief representative of a frameless smartphone with four-sided edge display - Samsung Galaxy S9.

Galaxy S9, the new flagship of 2018, is going to launch next year with many improved features as compared to Galaxy s8 or S8+. The camera of Galaxy S9 provides the user their topmost desire of having stunning picture. The Dual primary 16MP+16MP Ultra High Definition camera and the 8MP front camera are superb with optical stabilization and Dual Flash. If we talk about the display of S9, it is very much interesting and unique with a resolution of 4K with four-sided edges.

DeX dock

Looks Koreans interesting system - there is so much wire as Americans. If you do not need anything anywhere stick-connected, the function can be really useful. It is necessary for some tasks using a large screen and a mouse with a keyboard - put the smartphone into a special docking station and you're done. Do not wait for loading the operating system, because the whole system is on the phone, and it is always on. And the work can be either at a desk with a large monitor and lie on the couch with your smartphone.

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