Why Choose Cebu City As Your Travel Destination This 2017


Cebu, a name that has been on the list of travellers seeking to visit the amazing destinations comprises of some of the jaw-dropping attractions. This beautiful island in the Philippines is a blissful hub with a whole lot of attractions, thrills, and bangs. Whether you are more into the historic architecture or modern wonders, Cebu can be the destination with endless things which will never fail to dazzle you. Cebu Travel can be the best choice for people who want to experience the different aspects of a place.

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Being the second largest city in Philippines and home to endless attractions, Cebu is a top tourist destination inviting thousand of foreigners every year. The pristine white beaches, amazing snorkeling and diving also the historical and cultural sites is the perfect gateway for the tourists. It has all to suffice the extreme surge of the tourists.

Well, if you are thinking what else is there in the bucket, let us take a small tour to the attractions of Cebu.

1730 Jesuit House:

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This is the oldest house in the entire Philippines based on the side street is a location for tourists who are more into the ancients artifacts. This is located inside the warehouse which makes it even more suspicious. The present owner of the warehouse bought the house from the previous owner who had it since late 1900’s. The name 1730 Jesuit House was given by a Franciscan archivist. Some of the preserved facts like "coin of Ming Dynasty" as well as other artefacts present in this house proclaim that this house has possibly belonged to Chinese merchant. The photographs, documents, and artefacts present in the house, now being transferred to the museum can be toured by the tourists by buying tickets at the warehouse.

The Ancestral House Yap-San Diego:

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A Chinese merchant built it somewhere in the 1700’s, is a live example of the lifestyle of Cebu in early days. Antiques and the hand carved furniture combines with the ancient pottery cooking utensils are the attractions of this house. The 95 percent original roof of this house along with the old staircase made of wood that goes to the second floor reveals how people ascended the stairs. Currently, this house is owned by a renowned choreographer of Philippines, while his family visits on weekends, visitors who are interested in taking a look at the interior of the house can visit the house any time by paying a nominal fee.

Cebu Westown Lagoon:

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If you are looking for something in the open air, how about visiting the latest man-made lagoon with your family? The Cebu Westown Lagoon can make your kids happy due to the gazebo, kiddie pools and the water park present in this oasis. It is a place for both kids and children. Not only kids can have a great time, but the adults can soothe the jaded muscles in the Jacuzzi. Moreover, they can also opt for the whirling slides.

Sky Experience Adventure:

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This city is a place for all kind of tourists starting from historical artifacts to the modern architecture to the natural beauty to extreme experience to get the adrenalin rush. If you are seeking for adventures in the city, visit the tower near Fuente Osmeria. The heart pounding activities like Tower walk, Edge Coaster, Vertical Climb and Urban Zipline is a great way to enjoy your tour and feel the adrenalin rush. Cebu travel can endow with more than what you can even think.

Museo Sugbo:

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This was previously the Rehabilitation Center and Cebu Provincial Detention is the ancient building that was almost built 1870’s is home to Cebu Provincial Museum. It consists of three exhibition galleries and four permanent galleries that include photos, documents, and artefacts that have details of Philippine's political history as well as other important historical events. If you are interested in historical artifacts, this can be the great destination for you. Due to the presence of some of the amazing hotels in Cebu, travelers visiting this place from the corners of the world it very easy to get a look at the attractions of this place with an ease.

Guitar Shops:

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If you are a music insect along with love to play guitar, Mactan Island has a lot to proffer. This place is home to some of the best guitar makers in the country. Most of these guitar shops are there over years in some or the other form. Some of the popular guitar making families such as Ferangeli and Allegre Guitar have their shops where visitors can watch how guitars are made along with the friendly people can give you a tour of the facilities. People from around the world visit this place to buy the handmade stringed instruments.

Carbon Market:

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If you have made research about this place, then definitely you are aware of the largest and oldest market named Carbon market in Cebu City. It is almost 100 years old and said to be the biggest market for farmers in the city. The market consists of only fresh contents along with consists of stores selling meat and fresh fish, souvenirs, clothing and everything that you can think of. This is the favorite market for locals and a great sight for tourists to have a look at the culture and meet various types of people.

Taoist Temple of Cebu:

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This famous temple was built in 1972. It is situated in Beverly Hills and was constructed by the infamous Chinese Taoist Community. Due to its easy communication facilities, it has become a famous tourist spot. One has to climb 99 steps to reach the temple. Just the other temple, the Taoist Temple is always open to the visitors which give a perfect view of the entire temple along with the statues. It is also a photographer’s sight as the picturesque view is worth capturing in the reels and cherish forever.

Traveling to Cebu can be a great hideout for tourists who has the zeal the seek heart throbbing adventures; find the historical monuments and modern artifacts. The various luxurious Cebu hotels like Southpole Central hotel can ensure comfortable accommodation while help you enjoy the various attractions of the place.

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