Why I am so proud of India as a traveller


India is a very unique travelling destination.There are many reasons why I am so proud of my country as a traveller. First of all ,India has so much diversity.The country never bores you.From kashmir to kanyakumari,from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat the country offers you diverse landscape,diverse people with a diverse culture.#iloveindia

Second,India is not so expensive and a people like me can afford to travel without costing a fortune.For a budget traveller and backpackers this country is simply a heaven.And this is why I am so proud of my country as a traveller.#iloveindia

Third,people here are the friendliest people in the world.While travelling you can make friends and get to know their culture.People are simply fascinating and they are always ready to help you.This is another reason I love India as a traveller.#iloveindia

Fourth, India has the holiest of mountain,The Himalayas.Even if you are not a Hindu and do not believe in the Hindu Gods and Goddesses you cannot but be awed by the heavenly charm of the mighty Himalayas and be affected by its spirituality.This is why I am so proud of India as a traveller.#iloveindia.

Fifth,I love the food.East or West Indian food is the best.Where on earth you can get to savour so many types of food?From North Indian to Southindian,from Bengali to Gujrati,from fusion Chinese to tribal food.I bet nowhere you can eat such a variety of tasty food.This is perhaps another reason why I love India as a traveller.#iloveindia.

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