Why Ladakh Is Not For Everyone! 

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A couple of months back, me and my dearest husband decided to pay a visit to the most travel-worthy destination in India called 'Ladakh'. The fact that we have been living in a country composed of beaches and skyscrapers (Singapore), we wanted to experience a different aspect of mother earth. We wanted to walk under the giant mountains and realize the magnitude of life, we wanted to breathe in the cold winds and share a moment of love. But more than anything else, we were eager to experience a soul-stirring, self-reflective time that would poke us out of our comfort zones while we enjoy a holiday worth-remembering. So, we planned our itinerary and booked our tickets to Leh, Ladakh after a few days of doing our due-diligence.

And today, I can confidently say that it was one of the best and daring decisions of my life.

Ladakh or the land of high passes, as many people call it is a place that won't leave you. It will haunt you with flashbacks of its mesmerizing barren land, it will inspire you with its simple sense of life, and it will remind you of what really matters. And in true essence, I say a Ladakh trip is not for everyone, here's why.

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Ladakh is all about experiencing the Journey and not Destination

No matter what mode of transport you choose - a bike or a taxi. No matter how planned or unplanned your itinerary is. Ladakh trip is all about driving through 100's of kilometers of barren land with astonishing views. It's about reaching the famous spots for taking pictures but about experiencing the pathways, the roads that lead you to those picturesque spots. It's about keeping your patience when you hit the rocky roads, cherishing the moments of silence, carefully moving through landslides if you encounter one and really paying attention to each and every second of the journey. Your body may also react differently as you drive up the hills, so falling in love with the process is the real key here.

Who wants to live without Internet?

Imagine a holiday without mobile network connectivity. Living in the moment and not compulsively posting on Instagram or going live on facebook. Imagine really enjoying a trip. Are you sure you want to do it? In Ladakh, you can definitely buy a sim card (Airtel or BSNL) but where you will find the connection to actually make a call is kind of questionable. As you reach Khardungla, Pangong Lake or Nubra Valley, network signals will start to fade away. And you will be left to absorb the magic of nature with your naked eyes with no filter whatsoever. So, in case you are obsessed with your social media then you can drop the plan right away.

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Ladakh is a living Art

Every inch and corner, every rock and pebble of Ladakh is Art. You will keep wondering to yourself if its real or you have instantaneously stepped into a painting. The outspread skies, rugged mountains, the solitude and the cathartic breaths you will take will leave you in a trance. Get ready to smoke up the nature.

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Ladakh is magic, it's consciousness and it's something you have to experience for yourself. So, if you can travel to soak in the barren nature, if you are ready to take in the dry winds and you are okay to let the cold dessert show you it's extreme yet bewitching character then go get Leh'ed. And watch this video on my channel for a virtual initiation.